Monday, June 20, 2011

KUOW Series on "Paramount Duty"

KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher has created a series running this week called Paramount Duty:K-12 Education and the Recession.  From the KUOW website:

In "Paramount Duty," I report on how the recession has affected children, parents, teachers and school districts. I produced this series with assistance from Mike Babb and Anita Rocha from the UW Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology; Shannon Harper of the West Coast Poverty Center; Doug Haddix of Investigative Reporters and Editors; and NPR's Hansi Lo Wang.

 The stories will air on Monday on Weekday at 9 am and on Tuesday-Friday on Morning Edition (5am-9am). 

Monday - Auburn School helps Kids Eat on the Weekend
Tuesday - Homeless in Mount Vernon
Thursday - Staying After School (teachers helping kids catch up)
Friday  - The Ask (districts lobbying for support in Olympia)

It sounds interesting and I'll be most interested in Friday's report because I'll like to hear what legislators say.  One thing I have heard (in past years, not this year) from local legislators is that it is a tough sell in Olympia for Seattle School district because of the seemingly endless scandals and crises.  It's the "doesn't look like it runs well now; why would we give them more money?"


Observer said...

If your last paragraph is true (and I do not doubt that it is), how did Kline, Santos, and Pettigrew get the votes to for the grant money used to purchase the MLK building? I never understood that part. How did they free up 2.4 million dollars during a budget freeze?

Also watching said...


Not to mention, the state will continue to hand over tens of thousands to First AME to get this building up and running.