Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pinehurst (AS#1) Vandalized

Here's the story from the Seattle Times.


CT said...

All that work at a school that could definitely use it, and some little *&@#$ come in and ruin it. I hope they can catch whoever did this and make them pay with hours of community service cleaning it up. In Phoenix they used to make the graffiti vandals clean up their graffiti in the summer. Not sure if they got in trouble for cruel and unusual punishment for making them scrub it off in the hot summer sun, but it sure made the rest of us feel like they were actually being punished, and there seemed to be fewer reoffenders.


Josh Hayes said...

I don't want to let this diminish the efforts of the volunteers we had at school. These people worked their collective behinds off on our dumpy little building, and it really showed - and even after the taggers, it still shows. Thanks, volunteers! We appreciate your help in making our school attractive to prospective students.

(And the fact that we have zero gang influence at the school may have been a contributing factor in the vandalism: stay strong, Pinehurst!)

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking. What's happening to erase the damage? Any effort that we can contribute to?


StepJ said...

The volunteer who coordnated the work on the murals has already made arrangements with the Principal at Pinehurst to return and repair the damage (at least to the murals.)