Final list of candidates

Two more candidates have filed, Michael J. Maddux in District III and Nick Esparza in District VI.

Filing closed on Friday at 5:00pm, so I believe this is a final list.


ArchStanton said…
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ArchStanton said…
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Greg said…
I've read a bit about Marty McLaren (District 6, former math teacher, part of the court challenge to Discovery Math along with Cliff Mass) and like her quite a bit.

I also like Michelle Buetow (Distinct 3) and Kate Martin (District 2).

Many of the other candidates don't have websites yet, so it is hard to get any information about them. Anyone have others they like or more information about any of them?
Linh-Co said…
Jack Whelan is a straight shooter. He is a UW professor and teaches in the Business Dept. He is super sharp with lots of common sense and no BS.

Here's his facebook blog:
Greg said…
Minor correction, Jack Whelan appears to be a UW Business School lecturer, not a professor. But, yes, it would be good to have someone with a strong business and accounting background on the board, especially in this time of budget cuts.
Anonymous said…
John Cummings has a blog set up, though only one entry

looking for info
Sahila said…
Wonder how much of UW (and its staff) is free of Broad/Gates influence...
dan dempsey said…
Deja Vu ... to the MAX

Check out the following from 2007.....

Steve Sundquist Announces for Seattle School Board

West Seattle Parent, Community & Business Leader, Quality Education Advocate

Thursday, April 19, 2007 -- West Seattle community and business leader Steve Sundquist today announced he will run for the Seattle School Board and established his campaign for Seattle School Director, District 6.

“I believe every Seattle child deserves a quality education and the opportunity to succeed,” said Sundquist in his announcement. “We're incredibly fortunate to live in a city that strongly supports our public schools,” added Sundquist, citing the overwhelming support for the recent Operations Levy and Capital Bond.

But it's clear, parents and the public have increasingly lost confidence in the School Board and its leadership,” continued Sundquist. “It's time for effective, new leadership. It's time to come together to bring strategic focus, a strong academic program for all schools, team play, and long-term fiscal health and accountability to the District. That's why I'm running.

Among other senior positions, Sundquist served as Managing Director of National Accounts, and Chief Information Officer, for Russell Investment Group, a global leader in providing investment strategies and solutions for individual and institutional investors. As Managing Director, he had responsibility for all national accounts in the individual investor services division, and as CIO he reported to Russell's CEO and served on the Operating Committee, Russell's top management body, overseeing a multi-million dollar budget, over 300 employees and consultants, and all IT services. Sundquist received the Leadership Award, Russell's highest recognition of leadership achievement.

So why is Steve running this time?

Is he running on his record of fulfilling his promises made in 2007?
dan dempsey said…
So from 2011 ...
Here is why Steve is running..

Steve says:

We are making systemic changes in our school system to increase access, accountability, and academic rigor, and to foster a more service-oriented approach that encourages greater family involvement - all in pursuit of significant gains in student achievement. It's about putting students first.

Neighborhood K-12 Schools - Reform of the Student Assignment Plan
A return to a neighborhood-based student assignment plan that more equitably distributes academic and support services closer to home, and focuses everyone on making each school successful. Now, families and educators can support educational pathways for our students from kindergarten through high school.

Student Achievement - Rewarding Results, Quality Teachers & Principals

We achieved ground-breaking new contracts with our principals and teachers that incorporate evaluation systems that include student results, as well as increasing mentorship and career ladder opportunities for staff.

School and District Accountability and Transparency

A district- and school-based improvement framework that includes scorecards for each and related resource allocations to drive school improvement.
Fiscal Responsibility

Continuing to make the difficult decisions required to remain financially solvent and live within our means in these difficult times.

These changes are taking root and helping to foster improvement in student outcomes, but the work is far from finished. That is why I have chosen to run again - because the challenge of improving Seattle's schools is still significant, and my enthusiasm and passion for the work is stronger than ever.

Steve ... Please check the data at least once...

Results ... Results ... real measured results of your actions of 3.5 years as an SPS Director ... You had one employee to Supervise and you completely failed to do that.

Good "Political" move on the 22 hours notice in terminating MGJ & Don Kennedy without cause. You sure would not want anyone looking into how inept you were ... for more than 22 hours. .... say like looking for cause to fire MGJ and Kennedy.

"decisions required to remain financially solvent"
In a Great move for financial soundness ... Steve voted to sell the MLK property for 7 million less than the Bush school's $9 million bid. -- What upside down world does Director Sundquist live in?

His campaign statements have a huge reality gap.
dan dempsey said…
Check the News Room on Steve Sundquist's Website HERE.

Steve who thinks his backing of TfA is a reason to vote for him ... seems from his newsroom article selection to think that school closures were a great idea.

Steve get a clue ... you were a major reason that the Cooper School was closed ... thus forcing the major over crowding of elementary schools in Northern West Seattle.

Steve it is not financially advisable to close schools and then reopen them.

Steve .. perhaps you need some Newsroom articles on the Math programs you voted for and continue to support.

When I ran for the Board in 2007, I advocated for closing no Elementary schools. I gave the following reasons for doing so.

A.. Schools that are supposedly way under enrolled can be remodeled to rent space to businesses in a wing of the building. Health care providers, day care providers, etc. would be among suitable candidates.

B.. The NEWS school funding lawsuit was in action and could well bring greatly increased funding eventually. (NEWS victory on 2-4-2010 in McCleary v. State .... States appeal begins on June 28 at WA Supreme Court) ... if finances are the reason for closing schools .... look at the finances .. my A, B, C are all financially prudent.

C.. Small elementary schools are often reasonably near each other so that one principal could administer two schools ... with lead teacher support.


It should be noted that the NSAP only makes sense with greater school autonomy ... increased centralization remains an expensive unproductive fiasco.
dan dempsey said…
It is time for
a Three-Peat..

Voters clean Seattle School Board house a 2nd time in 4 years

A new majority will take over the Seattle School Board in the second major housecleaning in four years, a political turnaround funded lavishly by the business community.

The winners — Peter Maier, Sherry Carr, Harium Martin-Morris and Steve Sundquist — campaigned on the promise of a more cooperative, professional School Board. Their approach won the support of area business leaders, who donated tens of thousands to their campaigns.
Carr, who beat Flynn to represent Green Lake and Fremont in District 2, said the shift proved voters have been dissatisfied with the current board.

"There's been discontent in the community," she said. "I think this is a message that signals that they want change."
"I think that there just has been some frustration, obviously, with the existing board," Sundquist said. "I think there is a sense that there is an expectation now of some results and an optimism that we can do it."
In District 1, the northernmost part of the city, Maier raised $163,000 — more than 10 times what Soriano raised. He said Tuesday's winners do not agree on all issues but said they are like-minded in approach.
"It's not about ideology. It's not about emotion. It's what's best for our kids and how we work with the superintendent and her staff in developing viable solutions."
The winning majority in 2003 promised to resist what they felt were the previous board's tendencies to "rubber-stamp" the 46,000-student district's policies.

This fall's School Board races drew unprecedented donations from the business community, which poured thousands of dollars into the candidates who were ahead Tuesday night.

Maier, Carr, Martin-Morris and Sundquist promised to give the seven-member School Board a more professional and cooperative tone.

That would be .....
The we've been bought by big money tone ...

Peter Maier: $166,699.72
Sherry Carr: $157,535,88
Steven Sundquist: $111,189.94
Harium Martin Morris: $70,070

The we do not need to listen to testimony or intelligently act on relevant data, paid for tone.
Chris S. said…
I met John Cummings this weekend. I was assured he is quite rational. In fact, he's an Educator, of the classroom type! Yes, he is the former McClure special ed teacher, and has two kids at Jane Addams. He said what motivated him to run (and you'll love this, Dan) was that the recent unanimous "retention" vote which ran completely contrary to ten years-worth of research and evidence.

I think we could use some more board members who know what it's like where the rubber meets the road.
Terrence Menage said…
Please visit my campaign website at

I look forward to engaging the good people on this blog in dialogue as well as gaining grassroots support to defeat Ms. Carr.

Anonymous said…
I would not feel comfortable with the decision made regarding my child's future from this candidate.

A little more internet searching and you can see the background characteristics of this individual

Just my opinion
Unknown said…

Hello, my name is Nick Esparza. I grew up in Pullman, WA and attended Washington State schools. I received my BS Degree in Political Science from the University of the Ozarks in 2008. I currently reside in the West Seattle area and I am running for the Seattle School Board District 6.

I decided to run for this position because I believe every student deserves and should expect a quality education. In order to provide a quality education, though, we must listen to our community members and address their concerns regarding the specific and diverse needs of every member of the community.

Our funds are best allocated utilizing programs that are proven to be effective, and we can't afford to fund programs that don't benefit our students' academic goals. We need to address some past practices that have not been fruitful, such as closing schools prematurely, as well as hiring outside consultants. I would like to see more funds spent on basic educational needs and support services, such as more support for teachers as well as more counselors to help with student issues.

If I am elected as a board member I will fight against any additional school closures, hold the central administration to financial accountability, and strive to bring back counselors to work within the schools.

A vote for Esparza is a vote for accountability.

Nick Esparza
3810 SW Holden St.
Seattle, WA 98126
PH: 206-446-0615
NOTE: We must have your name and address or else we cannot legally accept your donation.
For donations of $100 or more we also require the name of your employer. Thank you!
Paid for by Nick Esparza for School Board
Unknown said…

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