Interesting I-1240 News

Washington State Wire did some digging and found that if I-1240 does qualify for the ballot it would only be the second-fastest in Washington State history (not first).  I don't think that's anyone's biggest concern but there you are. 

The photo of a table with petitions on it is priceless.  Click on it to read the signage.  Naturally, they are at Wal-Mart. 


seattle citizen said…
"It's public school"?!

Here's the rest of the sign, just for laughs (marker on white paper):
Sign One:
Charter schools
1) hire and fire teachers
2) decide what and how to teach
3) all students can go there
4) no cost to students
5) it's public school
Sign Two:
1) and 2) the same;
3)all students eligible
no tuition public schools
Anonymous said…
I want hire and fire admin. ;o)

Anonymous said…
There was a similar table set up in front of the Albertsons at 130th and Aurora a few days ago. It wasn't manned, as far as I could tell.

North End Mom
Anonymous said…
And just in time for the charter drive, there is more 'unions don't care about kids, only teachers like me - a superior breed of teachers - really care about the achievement gap' drivel from Chris Eide today on Crosscut. The guy is so sure he is the only morally just perspective out there. What a load of hooey and hubris.

Someone said…
Fascinatingly, there's a story on a pro-medical marijuana site I stumbled onto about how a cannabis related initiative is being helped by I-1240's paid "professional" paid signature gatherers.

They are apparently being paid $3 per valid signature and are flocking in from around the country. Yep THREE DOLLARS just to get someone to sign.

Wish that money was actually going to a school - starting to think it's time to file an Initiative to make paid signature gatherers illegal ;o)
mirmac1 said…
Look at the latest SPS Org Charts. Talk about $$$ going down a rathole, the IT department has experienced major bloat.

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