Crosscut Pro and Con on I-1240

Crosscut is running two articles on I-1240, one in favor and one opposed.

They are worth reading if only because the article in favor demonstrates the naive and thoughtless acceptance of every myth and marketing line offered by the proponents of charters. The person writing in favor of the initiative is a voucher advocate living in a rural area. He doesn't know what he talking about and he obviously hasn't given any of it much thought. It's sad, really.


Anonymous said…
Uh, yeah but...but the "no to charters" piece poses the Common Core State Standards as the savior -

"Common Core State Standards will improve Washington’s education system, impacting what happens in classrooms in all 2,368 schools for more than 1 million students throughout our state."


Why could Crosscut not publish an article against 1240 that enumerates the many and varied problems with I-1240 as a law? Why would Crosscut not talk about how the "pro" side is financed? Oh. That's right. Gates money.

Oompah, well, if you look at the No's bio, she's big on Common Core.

I am puzzled at how they found these people but they were interesting pieces to read (but I'm with Charlie on the Yes one, very odd).

But Charlie and I both chimed in with more detail.
Anonymous said…
Melissa - my question exactly - how does Crosscut select these "contributors"? Truly bizarre. Except I guess it does, in a very strange way, show how "out of the box" they like to think of themselves with respect to publishing.

The relationship of Common Core Standards - is this a sneaky way to try to show the public what a "good" thing CCSS is/are?


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