MONEY BLAST for No On 1240 Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder - the No On 1240 campaign is having a one-day Money Blast tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 11th.

Clearly, we are not going to match the Yes side and their billionaire donors BUT Obama won on grassroots efforts and the No side can as well.

Support is needed, big and small.

The campaign has an angel donor who will match the first 50 $100 donors, dollar for dollar.  (Thanks!)

More money - more outreach and education.

If you want to fight this initiative, please consider donating at the No On 1240 website tomorrow.


Josh Hayes said…
Done! Join me!
mirmac1 said…
Put in my 3/1000%, compared to Gates/Walton/McCaw
Anonymous said…
me too
--blast donor
Anonymous said…
Spend my $100 well.


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