No On 1240 Money Blast Still On

 The No on 1240 Money Blast is still going strong today (and thank you to Diane Ravitch and our many donors from states where charters have been an issue). 

We have only a few space left for $100 donors  to see their donation matched, dollar for dollar.  (Thanks to our angel donor!)

More money - more outreach and education.

If you want to fight this initiative, please consider donating at the No On 1240 website NOW.


James Madison said…
Any chance you could use the money post election to finance a legal challenge to the charter schools?

The legal argument against could be something like:

The Framers of the Washington Constitution designed a general and uniform system of tax-supported common schools, under one central administration, wherein each child in each grade would receive substantially the same basic education.

Independent charter schools, whether licensed by the State, as in the Washington model, or authorized by a contract, as in the Michigan model, lack the public characteristics that define common schools and would not be entitled to common school funds.
Because they would be privately controlled and exempt from state regulations, these charter schools would contravene both the “general” and “uniform” requirements of the Washington Constitution.

Moreover, they would interfere with the Legislature's ability to adequately fund the school system and would not provide an education intended to serve the state's goals.

The character and ideology of these charter schools runs completely counter to the comprehensive general and uniform system outlined in the Washington Constitution.

Charter school proponents must either propose a model that meets every constitutional requirement, in which case there would be little to differentiate charter schools from common schools, or seek to amend the constitution.


Something like that.

Our Founders recognized the negative implications if "factions" gained too much power. That is why we have a system of laws not of men.

While money can buy many things, and even plays a significant role in elections, money doesn't always win out.
Greg Linden said…
Congrats on the success of the money blast! That's great!
Anonymous said…
James Madison...
there was an article in the Stranger about the constitutionality of the initiative and potential legal challenge.

-money blast donor
James Madison said…
I saw the article.

I read the case that it discussed.

Still good law on the issue and has not been cited on the points raised in the article.

I haven't gone through the Charter School Bill but it seems that they may be on some real thin ice and the bill could be held up and maybe even thrown out.
Jan said…
James Madison -- is it also possibly the case that the transfer of assets (either the "at or below market value" language in the initiative legislation, or the take-over of schools in the conversion model could be considered to violate the Washington constitutional prohibition against public gifts?

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