October 3, 2012 Board Meeting

The School Board will be meeting on Wednesday, October 3. The agenda is posted online and is full of pretty normal stuff.

The Board will vote on three action items: to update a fairly non-controversial policy about fair use and copyright, the change order for Fairmount Park, and the approval of the revised Creative Approach School MOU. Yes, this is the same Creative Approach School MOU that we were told could not possibly be revised this quickly and easily when the need for the revision was first raised. Funny, huh?

The introduction items are equally routine: a policy revision for actually tracking the District's assets, a contract for the new enterprise software for student information and gradebook, an administrative requirement for the E & O levy, a conditional certificate for one Teach for America corps member (only the second one this year), and final acceptance on three capital projects: Hawthorne's new roof, Rainier Beach's athletic fields, and the whole Denny/Sealth construction project.

That's it. There shouldn't be much to discuss - not that the Board President allows discussion anyway - and they should be out of there pretty quickly. Let's see if twenty members of the public can get down there to speak by 5:00 or if they close public testimony well before 6:00.


mirmac1 said…
Actually this is the third TFA put forward this year but, predictably, one dropped out.
Anonymous said…
Just a correction for readers of this blog: The third TFA candidate did not "drop out." She accepted another position to teach in the Federal Way School district. While that could qualify as a drop out from the perspective of SPS, it's misleading to call her a "drop out". Also, the word I have is there is a fourth 2012 TFA teacher who begun teaching recently within SPS, but this teacher did not come before the Board because the teacher already has a permanent state residency certificate. There will be perhaps another 1-2 TFA teachers that appear before the Board as well in the coming weeks.

- Someone who knows
That third TFA teacher was AWOL and could not be found. I'd call it a drop-out. If that's professional behavior, good luck.
mirmac1 said…
The third TFA teacher received a conditional cert through Renton school district, without going to the board. The WAC clearly requires that the school board approve that action, presumably before it happens. Guess they care even less than Seattle about an open process. But that is the TFA way, no?

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