Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No on I-1240 Op-Ed in Seattle Times

Will wonders never cease!

The Seattle Times printed a guest editorial in opposition to I-1240 and it is a pretty good one.

Op-ed: Reject Initiative 1240 and sending public money to charter schools by Mari Taylor, Vice President of the Washington State School Directors’ Association and a current member of the Lake Stevens School District Board of Directors.


Anonymous said...

Wow - I knew it was cold outside, but I didn't realize it was cold enough for hell to freeze over.


Jet City mom said...

Linda Shaw has a piece today about Lisa Macfarlane " seeing the light" about charter schools.

Or is this just an update of an earlier story?

Jet City mom said...

My Seattle Times iphone app story was updated Wednesday & has more details than the online story which was written Tuesday.

Unknown said...

They probably thought they had to allow that op-ed to salve their guilty consciences for the first-page headline editorial masquerading as news: "Former Foe now embraces charter schools." Who's the former foe? DFER hack Lisa McFarlane. Oy.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see in the article about Lisa MacFarlane's change of heart, that they posted the data on contributions. The top five contributors and the amounts they contributed are very telling. Sure, those darn "union teachers" are not for this bill - but the amount they have been able to cobble together is nothing compared to the big dollars from very wealthy business people going into this campaign.

Whenever someone mentions "running schools like a business", or is pleased to see a group of wealthy business leaders supporting an initiative - we have to remember what business is about. It is about making profit. Nothing evil in that, but it isn't about being streamlined, providing the "best" service, or anything else. It's about making a profit, streamlining when it will improve profitability, and providing the product that can be marketed for the greatest profit.

- Just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get us

Anonymous said...

Linda Shaw wants to keep her job. It's a great piece for Ms. Macfarlane's career. In light of the McKenna ad-gate, if you work for this paper, you have to know by now that your job priority is to bring in the revenues not about impartial, quality, and independent reporting. I think soon the reality will be job security means your boss gets to "mine" your votes and you will have to toe the line.

The line which separates is gone.

light went out

Anonymous said...

A few things from the No-1240 facebook page that may a be of interest..


The Inconvenient Truth Behind Charter Schools