This Is What I Am Talking About with I-1240

From Publicola, a thoughtful op-ed from former Thurston County legislator, Brendan Williams, on why he opposes I-1240 and the creation of a charter school system.    He has some choice lines like:

Our schools are inadequately funded because Washington has the most regressive tax system in the nation.

I-1240 is no grassroots movement: Thurston County, where I live, has accounted for just $40 of its funding.

How will charter schools not dilute soup that is already mere broth?

In Oregon, districts are looking to save schools by converting public schools to charters, paid for with federal grants and exempt from many state and district regulations. That’s survival, not innovation.

I-1240 is a social science experiment funded by the 1% that the 99% will ultimately pay for, and a distraction from real school funding issues. 


Unknown said…
Mr. Williams has a very concise way of capturing the essence of the arguments against 1240. Thanks for the link.

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