Seattle School Board - NO on 1240

I couldn't stay but it was on Twitter; the Board said No to 1240.

It was a unanimous vote.  Details to come (but if you have input, let us know).  They are the school board for the largest district in the state.  Combine that with Superintendent Banda's no, it's a pretty effective one-two punch.

Others saying No to 1240:
Sally Clark
Both Leg candidates from the 46th: Gerry Pollett  and Sylvester Cann


Anonymous said…
Yay! I got a response back from a board member after I emailed with my concerns over 1240.
Glad they spoke up.

Patrick said…
Wow, I was expecting a yes or abstention from DeBell.
Anonymous said…
LMFAO. Sylvester Cann is against charters? He's the 2nd politician this fall who has turned on the hand that fed it -Stand for Children, whose sole current existence is charter-pushing. Stand thought Cann was their man.

The other guy that turned on Stand is that state-senate wanna-be that ran against Rosemary McAullife and lost in the primary. Stand wanted her out as she is the head of the Education Committee in Olympia and has no time for charters. He was financed by Stand as a big Ed Reformie

But she kicked that guy's butt in August. . After he lost he turned around and said that he supported McAuliffe...and that the constiuency he wanted to serve didn't give charters the time of day.

Warms my heart every time the icky Stand PAC takes it on the chin.

Anonymous said…
And here is a copy of my comment from a different thread from when I watched the meeting tonight:

OMG. I am watching the board comments on 1240 and it is EXACTLY what I thought. Harium Martin-Morris: Oh, I am on the record as opposing charters and I'm still there, but if they SHOULD happen to pass then...(basically they aren't so bad and he likes them except he can't say it in this venue.) He totally wants to have his cake from the Corporate Reform crowd and eat the board position too. He is a complete, sneaky ass on this matter, IMHO. Except he isn't even sneaky because he is so transparent in his groveling to not lose his Corporate Ed toadies.

However, I will call myself wrong on Carr. She was much stronger and firmer on her I said no and I mean no stance. She explained why eloquently. I apologize for tarring her with my weasely suspicions.

LS said…
I am glad you didn't give up your 2 minute slot to BEX folks. It was very well written and presented.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't trust Cann as far as I could throw him. I haven't time to go PDC pecking to prove whose pocket he is in - isn't there 50 grand from Shannon-I-Love-Rob-Campion's pack of liars?

IF you want an up and coming Rodney Tom in the 46th, selling us know no bodies out to the big boyz but voting so that all the company town serfs will be equal, then Rueven is YOUR man! ... Ooops, I meant Cann.

Anonymous said…
Kristine Lytton State Rep.40th
No on I-1240

Public School Parent
Unknown said…
I'll have a wrap-up of the Maple Leaf forum with Pollet and Cann; they got into over charters and it was quite telling.
speducator said…
I can't wait for your wrap-up, Melissa. Sylvester Cann works for a charter school, astroturf organization. Look at his PDC reports, and follow the money.
suep. said…
I don't see any mention in the Seattle Times of this pretty significant and newsworthy vote.

Did I miss it?

Oh, that's right -- the Times is too busy running free ads for McKenna to to cover actual news!
Carol Simmons said…
Please join the Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle and attend a fundraiser to defeat the flawed Charter school initiative, 1-1240 on Friday Oct 19th 5:30 - 7:30 at the home of Sue and James Tupper 5736 NE 56th Street, Seattle. Host Committee Members are Matt Loschen, Lucinda Young, Rep. Marcie Maxwell, Catherine Ahl, Lois Watanabe and the NO on 1-1240 campaign. Contributions of any amount are welcome.
Unknown said…
I know Sarajane Siegfriedt is anti-Charter. She has an well thought out anti-charter slide show she was taking on the road earlier in the year. Has anyone heard Jessyn Farrell's position on charters?
Unknown said…
Sarajane and Jessyn are both against charters and were there last night. (They didn't speak to it during the forum but that was the position I heard from them.)
Dorothy Neville said…
Today I got a mailer for Sylvester Cann. It is paid for by the "Scott White Memorial PAC" and the "top five[sic] contributors are Stand For Children PAC WA, Michael R Morrisroe, Democrats for Education Reform PAC."
Anonymous said…
@ Dorothy:
Apparently I need to not LMFAO about Sylvester Cann. His major donors are DFER - whose whole reason to exist is getting charters passed?- and Stand on the Children whose head Shannon Campion is leading the pro-charter chage on the airwaves and newspapers these days?

Sounds like a strong possibility that he is anti-charter to get elected and possibly a side switcher if he gets in.

To be safe, vote Pollet.


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