Name That...World's Largest Diameter Tunneling Machine

This would be the one to create the tunnel for State Route 99 downtown.  So funny but yes, a contest for kids so tell yours to have at it.  From DOT:

Here’s a riddle for the kids of Washington state: What do you call the record-breaking, dirt-chomping, future-changing machine that will begin tunneling beneath downtown Seattle next summer?

Answer: You tell us.

The Washington State Department of Transportation kicked off a statewide contest today for kindergarten through 12th grade students to name the machine that will dig the State Route 99 tunnel to replace the waterfront section of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Crews in Japan are putting the finishing touches on the machine, which – at five stories tall – will be the world’s largest to date. The winning name will be painted on the machine and the contest winner will be invited to attend the dedication event next year in Seattle.

“This project will be a great benefit for future generations, and that’s why we’re turning to the next generation to help name it,” said Washington Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond. “We want to get students across the state excited about this impressive engineering feat underway in their own backyard.”

Each entry must include a proposed name for the machine and a 200-word-or-less description of why they chose it. Entries are due by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13. Check WSDOT’s website for contest details, rules and restrictions.

There are three ways to enter:

  • Online at
  • In person at Milepost 31, 211 First Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104.
  • By mail at Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program, 999 Third Ave., Suite 2424, Seattle, WA 98104.
The winner will be announced in December, when project officials travel to Japan and Seattle Tunnel Partners takes ownership of the completed SR 99 tunneling machine. For more information about the SR 99 Tunnel Project, visit


Anonymous said…
Speaking as someone "in the know", whatever you do, don't call it a "drill". It is a tunnel boring machine or TBM and is ultra COOL!

Rufus X said…
Does anyone else here (or do your tween/teen kids) think of "Boneshaker" each time you hear about this giant TBM?
Anonymous said…
How 'bout Muckraker (since the goopy stuff that comes out of earth-pressure balance TBMs is called muck)?


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