Arbor Heights Burglarized Again

From th West Seattle Blog, a report of yet another break-in (the second in two months) at Arbor Heights Elementary.  Both times, computers were taken.  From WS Blog:

4:29 PM UPDATE: More information from SPS’s Wippel: Four computers were stolen today, worth $1,800 each – $7,200 total – “And no budget to replace them. The four stolen last November weren’t replaced either. (Principal) Christy Collins said the kids ‘feel violated’.”

How did the thieves get in?

Seattle Police spokesperson Det. Mark Jamieson tells WSB the break-in was discovered after an alarm went off around 5 am; officers found a door, hinge pins removed, propped open on the south side of the school, and started searching.  

Yes, this school really does need rebuilding because this is NOT how buildings are today. 

It's heartless to take from a school that clearly has so little.  Maybe there's another way to get those computers replaced. 


Jet City mom said…
it pains me to say it, but I read that they were Macs,perhaps they should replace them with PCs. Especially if SPS is not going to provide them with a building that can be secured.
in Bellingham thieves have been ignoring pc laptops & just grabbing the Macs.
it would be less expensive as well.
since the building has now been hit twice in just a few months, perhaps the police can set up a sting operation, ( lately Apple products have been leading the police right to the thief when the owner turns on "find my iphone").
Po3 said…
Anonymous said…
@Po3 - The district says the 8 computers that have been lost WILL NOT be replaced because they are self insured.

I feel this situation highlights a few things:

1) Arbor Heights needs to be rebuilt ASAP! We have a very serious building security issue on our hands that isn't going away until the district decides to prioritize safety & security (vs. overcrowding).

2) All of our elementary schools are at risk for break-ins (only our middle schools and high schools have video surveillance cameras), yet severely outdated buildings such as Arbor Heights are at greatest risk.

These issues must be appropriately addressed immediately. In the mean time, I hope the district places a security guard or police officer on site after-hours.

~AH Parent
Someone said…
There are products that let you track your computer - similiar to what's used on Iphones - and there are software options that makes a computer/laptop unusable by someone else without the startup password - you'd think it would be worth it to SPS to invest a little to save a lot - sigh...

If nothing else - make it a little harder to get away with at Arbor Heights - heck - those little door alarms that set off loud annoying sounds can be found at any hardware store - .
Anonymous said…
They had a prior burglary and nobody bought a safe? Wow. WSDWG

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