Robberies of Denny Students Cause Concern

From West Seattle Blog:

3:13 PM UPDATE: The SPD report says this was one of TWO robberies targeting kids that age, in that area, in the past four days – the first one was near 27th and Cambridge last Sunday, and yesterday’s robbery is now described as having happened in Roxhill Park itself. Details here 


Anonymous said…
This is the problem with walk zones. The Roxhill letter to families advises kids to walk in groups and report suspicious activity. Well, that's what the current two batches of victims did. They must have been incredibly traumatized. And next time who knows, what if a gun accidentally goes off? Can't we provide better safety for our public school kids??? All of our kids need bus alternatives available.... Mom of sps kiddo
erik said…
Who robs children.
It's just sad.
Apparently other children. The boys said their robbers looked like teens with bandanas over their mouths.
denny mom said…
Yes, this scares the heck out of us as our daughter is a Denny student and walks home the 5 blocks to our house, part of the way alone. We are trying to figure out ways to get her home right now. Apparently groups of kids doesn't deter these
creeps, but I would feel better if she others to walk home with.
Mr Clark, Denny principal, sent an email last night about it and he stated there will be another letter (I think from the district)
coming home today. I am hoping the school will address it directly with the students today.

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