Saturday Round-Up

Former State Superintendent Judith Billings weighs in at the Times about charter schools.

So The Times recommends Superintendent Dorn violate his oath of office to uphold the state Constitution. Article III, Section 22 states in plain language — by law not subject to interpretation if the language meets that test — “the superintendent of public instruction shall have supervision over all matters pertaining to public schools.” The initiative emphasizes charter schools will be public schools, yet excludes the superintendent from supervising them.

Superintendent Dorn has suggested an easy “fix,” if the Legislature wishes to support 51 percent of the voters. A two-thirds majority of both houses of the Legislature could put charters under the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Barring that, amending the constitution itself is the only way to move forward without violating the state’s highest law.

She's right.  We were told, over and over, these are public schools and the Constitution makes that Dorn's domain.  What is he to do?

Didn't know this but you can reserve a museum pass through Seattle Public Library once a week.

The Museum Pass allows you to use your Seattle Public Library card to reserve and print out an admission pass to participating Seattle museums at no charge.

Participating museums

  • The Burke Museum
  • The Center for Wooden Boats
  • The Children's Museum
  • EMP
  • Henry Art Gallery
  • The Log House Museum
  • Nordic Heritage Museum
  • Northwest African American Museum
  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Wing Luke Museum
 Finally, just a kid and a washing machine.  Show your kids this one.


mirmac1 said…
For the life of me, I couldn't figure our WHAT Billings was saying - on the one hand she says follow the law, and the other she says Dorn should butt out.

Personally, I'm glad she was shown the door a loooooong time ago.
Anonymous said…
Obama's considering funding universal preschool for 4 year olds. Pre-school education isn't something that gets a lot of discussion on SSS, but a good pre-school education can be a game-changer for kids without adequate home support and resources, by getting them off to a far better start in Kindergarten.

Talk about something that could have ROI.

Anonymous said…
mirmac 1 said:
For the life of me, I couldn't figure our WHAT Billings was saying ....

Personally, I'm glad she was shown the door a loooooong time ago.

Except for the fact we wound up with 12 years of Terry Bergeson's reform efforts .... guided by the WASL which she pushed as well as reform math (and the supposed graduation test requirements etc.).. Begeson also produced the massive expansion of OSPI.

It seems that when showing the door --- we need to carefully watch who walks in.

-- Dan Dempsey

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