Chief Sealth Teachers to Boycott MAP

It appears that at least some of Chief Sealth teachers will be boycotting the MAP.  (I received this statement via Facebook from a teacher at Sealth.)

Be it resolved that we, the undersigned educators from Chief Sealth International High School do hereby support statements and actions of our colleagues at Garfield High School regarding the MAP test. Furthermore, we join our colleagues in their boycott and refuse to administer the MAP test to students at Chief SealthInternational High School. 


mirmac1 said…
Wow! The Twitterverse is alive with support for the Garfield teachers. I am still giving Banda room to make the move towards reconciliation. I do not hold the sins of his predecessors against him...
Anonymous said…
Dinging teachers with pay cuts, and escalating the issue, is not a "sin of the predecessor". He's doing that all on his own. He could very easily just duck this one - and boot the MAP completely.

Anonymous said…
And now Banda states that any teacher who refuses will be placed on suspension, or leave without pay. I no longer respect the guy. Teachers know the job best, they have valid points and are well-educated professionals. Banda should be listening to them, not treating teachers as disobedient children. I am disgusted with the to an sps kiddo
Eric M said…
Letter I sent this am to Mr. Banda and via an all staff, my principal

Mr. Banda,
Thank you for your letter. I hereby announce my intention to join with those many of my colleagues around Seattle Public Schools, and boycott the MAP test.
As per that other letter from Human Resources Director Paul Apostle yesterday, please deliver, at your earliest convenience, a letter outlining the 10-day suspension without pay I'll be receiving for this action.

Thanks so very much,

Eric Muhs
Eagle Scout
National Board Certified teacher
Seattle Public Schools parent
Eric, thank you for standing up and being counted.
Anonymous said…
I can't find any information on when Nathan Hale will be doing the MAP test. I am assuming they take the MAP test like everyone else. I want to opt my kid out but can't find when Nathan Hale will be doing the MAP or if they will be doing it. Is there someone at the school in particular to ask about it?

Maureen said…
Eric M, thank you! (love the Eagle Scout!)
Watching said…
I'm having trouble with the fact that Banda has NOT met with the teachers from Garfield HS before threatening suspension. The teachers need and deserve Banda's respect.

Two weeks suspension seems particularily harsh.

I'm having trouble that my student would have a substitute teacher for ten days! In my opinion, 10 days of substitute teaching is gighly likely to have a negative classroom impact.

This is Banda's first test. I hope he gains the support and respect of his teaching corp.

This action is likely to set the tone of his administration. For now..this is not looking good.

If this is really good about what is good for students...give my kid a regular classroom teacher!
Watching said…
Make that: "highly likely"
Bulltrout said…

Fellow staffer who's with you.

Wish you would have won as union president instead of the milquetoast we have now.

You've got some big round ones my friend.
mirmac1 said…
Banda is getting the "man up" message from Frank Greer, Jon Bridge, Sara Morris, and Chris Korsmo. Oops, I'm not supposed to say their names out loud...! : )
What is interesting is the subs union supports the boycott - will they also refuse to come into work? You can't dock their work if they are subs?

I will have a report on the press conference yesterday on this topic- interesting stuff.
Anonymous said…
In Jonathan Knapp's (union prez) newfound interest in MAP let's remember that as VP with Olga Addae as prez in the wake of the last round of contract negotiations, the duo accepted MAP being used as a teacher eval test.

Eric Muhs @ Ballard, who ran against Jonathan but lost due to teacher apathy on issues, pointed out the fallacy of tying teacher evals to MAP over and over and over.

Now that a few teachers are putting their names and salaries and reputations on the line Jonathan is all on board with joining a district committee to discussing - someday - fixing the issue. It could have been addressed a year ago with stronger union leadership.

Wake up teachers. Demand more from your union leaders. You know what is best and it doesn't include 1/2 the crap that comes out of the downtown bureaucracy. Next time pay attention to getting strong leadership to advocate for you. And since Knapp is who we have for now, demand that he steps up his game for this spring's negotiations.

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