Board Meeting Likely to be Lively

I suspect that given the district has a media event to explain the interim plan for next year AND the SEA is having a "boycott the MAP" rally at 4 p.m. outside of JSCEE AND the large number of concerns over the interim plan, the Board meeting is probably going to be lively (to say the least).  

What questions do you think I should ask at the media event?

The speaker list reflects that most of the speakers are going to talk about the interim plan.  The speakers start at 5 p.m with the vote on the interim plan occurring roughly at 6:30 p.m.   Sadly, I think that the directors will all choose to give lengthy explanations of their votes.  I say sadly because sometimes I find it even harder to take a vote based on reasoning I hear given. 


mirmac1 said…
I don't think Carr's amendment is a done deal.

Anonymous said…
On the assignment plan, you could ask Carr, DeBell & Martin-Morris

Why they are voting for Carr's amendment when the district cost projections show waiting until 2014 to start JAMS is more cost-effective? AND is the unanimous recommendation of the Superintendent's exec team.

You could also ask about MAP and how they will get goodwill from parents if they threaten punishment to teachers on this issue when most parents are not supportive of MAP to begin with.


Anonymous said…
Let me guess. Because what Eckstein parents want, Eckstein parents get?

North parent
Anonymous said…
I would also like to know why anyone would vote for it based on capacity issues given the minimal improvement to Eckstein and Hamilton (75 students and 38 students fewer respectively according to their numbers), and given that they will be creating an equally bad capacity issue at Jane Addams with bonus points for putting elementary school students in the mix. (16 portables under B??) And if JAK-8 and Pinehurst K-8 are not in the neighborhood, what about the capacity at the elementary schools?

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