My Interview with Seattle Channel's Eric Liu

I was invited to be a guest on Seattle Voices with Eric Liu and I wanted to provide a link to the interview.  Eric Liu is a great interviewer and this is probably the best interview I have ever done (and Eric and his crew are great professionals).

Eric is the author of several books including "Guiding Lights; How to Mentor and Find LIfe's Purpose".  He also served as a speechwriter in the Clinton White House  one term and deputy domestic policy adviser in the second term.  He has served/serves on several civic boards including LEV.  He has children in SPS.


mirmac1 said…
Wow, Melissa, I think the camera adds three inches : )

Here's to hope that Eric Lui is a welcome addition to the growing stable of talented local journalists who feel moved to do more than just phone it in.
Anonymous said…
It's Eric Liu.

mirmac1 said…
Oops, thanks for the correction.

After watching the interview, I'll just say I'm glad I have someone like Melissa to express my views in such a forthright, engaging manner. No wonder she nearly cut off the 1240 crowd at the knees. No wonder they felt they had to attack her on a personal level (and that went over like a lead balloon). Thanks for everything you do Mel.
Friend, I do that EVERY time. It drives me nuts. Thanks for the help.
Anonymous said…
And he has 1 daughter, not children, in SPS.

Friend, he told he about his children so I stand by my statement.
Anonymous said…
Nice interview. Thanks, Melissa, for all of your and Charlie's hard work. I am an Eastside parent who follows your blog for regional and statewide info. I appreciate the brevity of your posts, and the insights you and Charlie offer.

Unknown said…
Great interview. Thanks Melissa and Charlie for all your tireless hard work!


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