Michelle Rhee is coming to Seattle

Michelle Rhee, the former chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools from 2007 to 2010 and strident education reformer is coming to Seattle to speak at Town Hall and you can attend for free.

Town Hall, Great Hall
1119 Eighth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Doors Open: 6:30 p.m.
Program: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. including book signing


Oh boy. But I'll pass. I might jump up and say, "You lie!"
Anonymous said…
Cue Young Franenstein music

mirmac1 said…
If you go, ask her about this latest study:

Charters are stinkin' up the place

"A CREDO study on Michigan released this week found that 80 percent of charters perform below the 50th percentile of achievement in reading, and 84 percent perform below that threshold in math. On top of that, according to the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, 26 percent of Michigan charter schools fall into the bottom 15 percent of the state's schools on 8th grade math exams, and 21 percent in 8th grade reading."

CREDO Study on Charters in Michigan. Now proponents have another charter study to deny.
dan dempsey said…
"She warns that American kids (no matter their socio-economic status) rank 25th out of 30 developed nations in math. "

Except she is wrong .... where is this Statistic coming from???

Check out the latest study that debunks the 25 out of 30.

What do international tests really show about U.S. student performance?

By Martin Carnoy, Stanford Graduate School of Education and EPI
and Richard Rothstein, EPI

from the executive summary=>

However, conclusions like these, which are often drawn from international test comparisons, are oversimplified, frequently exaggerated, and misleading. They ignore the complexity of test results and may lead policymakers to pursue inappropriate and even harmful reforms.

The demographically corrected number is more like 8th or 10th out of 30 in math.

Here is the same contention from about two years ago =>

The amazing truth about PISA scores: USA beats Western Europe, ties with Asia.

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