Teens and Drugs - Communication Seminars Upcoming

From Prevention WINS:

Teens, Marijuana & Alcohol: Setting the Framework for Healthy Communication
Featuring Dr. Kevin Haggerty, University of Washington Social Development Research Group

·         Tuesday, January 15, 7PM @ Nathan Hale High School, hosted by Raiders Against Destructive Decisions

·         Thursday, January 17, 7PM @ Roosevelt High School, hosted by the Roosevelt High School PTSA

For more information contact:
Annemarie Michaels at anplumpe@seattleschools.org 
or Inga Manskopf at inga.manskopf@seattlechildrens.org. 


Anonymous said…
Im sure Hagerty has good information, he has spoken at other schools in the area regarding a survey given to local youth . However, he isnt a medical dr., and to use that honorific may confuse parents who may think he is.
He also does not yet have a Ph.d, he is still a candidate in the school of social work at the Uw according to their website.

While we are on the topic, it brings to mind the propensity of SPS staff to wave their education hardware around whenever possible.
You dont see this in other fields. Namely the sciences, where there are any number of people who do post doc- work @ Ivy league schools who never mention it.
But even though SPD claims to want to increase communication between district & parents, they never miss a chance to draw attention to their educational status, even if the piece of paper is from a school no longer in existence.
If they really wanted under-represented community members to feel heard, they would lower the barriers that divide us.

Cant get it to post except for anonymously,

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