State Board of Education Seeks Public Input

The Washington State Board of Education is seeking input via a survey "on how we should measure the performance of Washington's K-12 schools. Your answers will help us improve the Washington Achievement Index."


Anonymous said…
Question #6 sucks.

ws said…
Many of the question options were ridiculous. No option to select ; “I would evaluate a school on whether or not students were engaged with the teacher, coursework and activities.”

I left a long comment at the end.
Yes, I didn't think it was a great survey and I'm quite sure I understand what they were trying to elicit from those questions.
Anonymous said…
Would you say that only using standardized tests to rate a school is:
A) The best option.
B) A fantastic method.
C) Absolutely the definitive approach.
D) 100% Perfect.

Must choose an answer.

-Another Stat

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