Seattle Student Senate Supports MAP Opposition

From Dexter Tang, President of the Seattle Schools Student Senate from their meeting at Ingraham High School:

The Seattle Student Senate, the main student advocacy organization of Seattle Public Schools, supports the opposition to the MAP test.  

The MAP test inefficiently uses district resources and consumes valuable instruction time.  We support alternative methods of student evaluation.  We encourage the district o explore alternative methods of assessing student academic achievement that are efficient and align with the classroom curriculum. 

Furthermore, representatives of the Seattle Student Senate would like to participate in the selection process of a new alternative assessment.


suep. said…
Good for them!

Parents Across America, Seattle, also supports the Garfield teachers and opposes MAP.

Parents Across America Seattle supports Garfield High School teachers’ principled opposition to the costly and inaccurate MAP® test
suzek said…
Here's a link to the great inaccuracies on the MAP test.
Anonymous said…
Cue Young frankenstein music.....

Po3 said…
Hah -

I don't understand this comment you keep leaving. I think what these student have done is great, they know the test is junk and are willing to work with the district on a new assessment that hopefully can be used to improve their education. It shows passion for their education.
suep. said…
This is a re-post from another thread. I think it's more relevant here.

Great letter from Sanislo Elem to Supt Banda in support of Garfield MAP opposition. (Thanks for the tip, ws.)

While Sanislo staff is not joining the boycott, they have written a solid letter of support to Supt Banda that clearly explains that the test is detrimental to students and teachers, and why it is irrational and unfair to base teacher evaluations on an invalid test. They even use the term Kafkaesque! Excellent.

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