Once Again, Educators Save the Day

There was a high school shooting in Taft, California today with one student shot but with a teacher and administrator able to talk the student shooter into giving up his weapon.  Taft is a rural community  about 120 miles northwest of LA.  Taft Union High School has about 900 students.

From AP:

When the shots were fired, the teacher began trying to get the more than two dozen students out a back door and also engaged the shooter in conversation to distract him, Youngblood said. A campus supervisor responding to a call of shots fired also began talking to him.

"They talked him into putting the shotgun down," Youngblood said.

The sheriff said that at one point the shooter told the teacher, "I don't want to shoot you" and named the person he wanted to shoot.

The shooter may have had up to 20 shotgun rounds in his pockets, he said.

Officials said there's usually an armed officer on campus but the person wasn't there because he was snowed in. Taft police officers arrived within 60 seconds of first reports.

The teacher did receive a minor injury but declined medical treatment.

This is who is in our schools every single day.


seattle citizen said…
I do hope and pray the student who was shot survived...

"...a teacher and administrator able to talk the student shooter into giving up his weapon"

Oh, sooo much better than arming educators and just shooting people. The NRA's proposal, which has gained traction, is to arm everybody. Bad idea. MORE guns is just bad, bad policy.

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