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In what is an interesting coincidence of stories, I learned today that Rainier Beach High School, after three long years of work, is on the cusp of receiving their endorsement to be in IB school.  Good for them.  That now makes three Seattle public high schools with IB; Ingraham, Chief Sealth and RBHS.

What is the coincidence is that tonight, at 7 p.m., the Lakewood/Seward Park Community Club is having a forum about education featuring discussions of the RBHS IB program and charter schools.

Guess who is going the charter school presentation?  Bree Dusseault.

Lakewood/Seward Park Community Club
4916 S. Angeline St

Also of interest, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth March this Saturday, January 19th.  It starts at MLK, Jr. Park at 2200 MLK, Jr. Way and ends at the Garfield Community Center at 2323 East Cherry St.  Refreshments are provided.   This year's theme is "I am more than ___."  All teens are welcome.

For more information, please email Noelle Potter at noelle.potter@seattle.gov

There is, of course, the day of service on Monday, January 21st.  Still time to sign up to volunteer through United Way.


mirmac1 said…
I pity RBHS, if they are in the cross-hairs of some CMO. Take all the efforts of the RBHS staff and PTSA, then have some CMO claim it as a "shining example" of what charters can do....!
Anonymous said…
So Bree quits/pre-emptively or otherwise and then immediately starts formally shilling for charters?

That's not okay.
Anonymous said…
Happy to see kids in the southend may be getting a better option with IB. Won't be happy if they turn it into a charter though. I hope that's not even being considered.

assignments web said…
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Po3 said…
Does anybody know for a fact that the staff and PTA at RBHS does not want to be a charter conversion?

Maybe they do! I personally have no idea either way.
Anonymous said…
Great time for a conversion! The district spends a ton of money training staff and providing the footwork and then BOOM! Conversion which then essentially privatizes all of that effort for the benefit of the Charter company. Yet, being their own district would the contract with IB stand? Would the large annual fees be included in funding?


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