Smith-Blum Withdraws Her Nomination to Board of Education

The candidates for an interim seat on the Washington State Board of Education has narrowed by one.

President Smith-Blum who applied (and was interviewed) has withdrawn her application, saying that she did not want to leave SPS in the middle of the year. 

Critical boundary discussions, construction contracts for over $500 million, restorative discipline policies, the Green Resolution – all of these things have been key issues in my tenure and I hope to see them all through to fruition. 

She said the conversation with SBE members was great and she was glad for the opportunity.

Now it's anyone but Peter Maier.  His past inactions on the Seattle School Board should make him unwanted on any other public commission or board.


mirmac1 said…
I will contact the Gov's office and remind them of Maier's "track record"
Watching said…
Thanks, Mirimac. Don't forget to contact the SBOE, too.
David said…
While it's too bad Smith-Blum won't be on the Board of Education, it is great that she will stay on the Seattle School Board.

Of all the members of the School Board, I think she has done the most to challenge district staff and try to hold them accountable. I'd like much, much more, of course, but at least Smith-Blum seems to be one of the ones pushing in the right direction.
mirmac1 said…

I'd add WITH the support of Peaslee, Patu and (most of the time) McLaren.
Anonymous said…
Good for her—I like her even more now!

Jan said…
Whew! It always feels presumptuous to tell someone else how to allocate scarce volunteer hours, so I didn't write her and beg for reconsideration -- but I am sure glad that she made this decision. Somehow, even though I know we have huge capacity problems, and I am troubled with what may be coming down the road in terms of AL -- it feels to me like this ship is "righting itself" just a little. The fact that they are at least dropping MAP in 9th grade (next needs to be K through 2) -- and then middle school, and that it looks like there is a timetable for new math materials, etc., and both levies passed -- so there will eventually be more (and better) space -- it just feels like maybe instead of spending all our time trying to keep stuff from falling apart and sinking -- we have the ability to try to move forward. That would have been much harder to sustain if Kay had left -- because the rest of the "old" (pre-Kay) board still has WAY too many bad habits for me to hope they can keep this moving forward.
Anonymous said…
This wasn't a governor appointee. The choice of finalist came from WSSDA (state school board director association). State board of education has to confirm WSSDA's preferred candidate.

The state board is made up of a mix of governor appointees and WSSDA-elected members.

(WSSDA selected Maier as top finalist)
Watching said…
Not sure why WSSDA would nominate Maier as top dog. It is time to speak out and write to the SBOE. This position will be determined by a vote on the SBOE.

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