CPPS Looking for Boundary Stories

Our friends over at CPPS (Community and Parents for Public Schools of Seattle) are looking for your stories.

From Stephanie Jones, Executive Director:

I am seeking parents who may have been involved in boundary conversations around the NE or AP.  (Editor's note: this is her need here as Stephanie went to most of the other meetings.)

CPPS is working on a newsletter that will highlight parent/community stories from around the city about the impacts of boundaries and some of the change themes that are repeating from region to region.

I am really interested in perspectives that highlight the community level concerns – walkability and community integrity are things I’m hearing a lot, as well as equity.   Anything else?  In particular, do you have a personal story or can you refer me to someone who does about how boundary changes?

I’d like just a paragraph or a few sentences, but am happy to see any background info (letters to board, etc) that people are circulating.



n said…
I am guessing that some boundaries are being determined on school size and capacity. If a school that has natural boundaries can't accommodate all the students within that boundary, the boundaries will be pushed to make some of those assignments fit another area even if it seems unreasonable.

The size of several north end schools were simply built too small; thus, students in who would expect to go to one school are asked to attend another school which may be further away or cross busy intersections.

I don't know this to be true but am wondering if there may be some merit to the idea?

Maureen said…
conversations around the NE or AP.

Should we assume that AP is actually APP? And, if so, what does boundary conversations mean with respect to APP? (just north/central vs. north/east split, or something to do with all of the neighborhood schools' boundaries? Or, alternatively, is she interested in Advanced Learning in general (so including Spectrum and possibly ALOs?).
Anonymous said…
Maybe she should talk to the FACMAC folks who put out the latest recommendations to the ST. They surely will have many names to offer for opinions.


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