Gifted Education News Roundup

A LOT of info in these links.  And a reminder - don't like gifted education, on principle or in specific?  Don't read this thread.  I offer this as information, not to start a fight.  There will be no comments on this as it is purely informational.

Back to School Means Back to Segregated Gifted Programs for Some: New Book with Solutions. 
From PRWeb:

Vanderbilt education professor Donna Y. Ford has made it her mission to end segregation in gifted programs—a mission she’s not backing down from without a fight. Her recently released book, "Recruiting and Retaining Culturally Different Students in Gifted Education" (published by Prufrock Press Inc. this summer), details Ford's participation in a 2013 court case in which one Illinois school district was accused of discrimination against Hispanic students in its gifted program (the full report of the court case was released to the public in July 2013) and provides solutions for schools looking to ensure equity in their gifted programs.

From Ed Week: Parents Push for Services for their Gifted Children - this article has a number of links to many good sources of info on this topic so keep scrolling down.

Underrepresentation of minority students in gifted programs happens nationally.  Currently, there is no federal requirement that schools provide gifted education services for students, and money has not been allocated to states to provide such services. The Jacob K. Javits federal grant program did give $7.4 million every year for gifted education research, but the program was cancelled in 2011.

Map of states' policies on gifted ed.

But several state-level advocacy groups with strong parental support, like the Washington Coalition for the Gifted and the Northwest Gifted Child Association, worked together and successfully pressured the state to change how gifted education was funded. In 2011, the state agreed to make districts provide gifted education as part of basic education.

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