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The Garfield High School Associated Student Body does not condone harassment, abuse, intimidation, humiliation, violence, or bullying of any kind. We support and encourage inter-class unity by continuing to provide and promote safe and school-appropriate events. Any student who needs help or assistance should contact an ASB officer, counselor, teacher, or administrator. 

Garfield ASB

From Principal Howard on October 4th:

 To our Garfield families, 
Thank you for your continued support of Garfield High School. As I reflect on the events from the past week, I have given some thought to the following ideas. We are in the process of researching ways that Garfield will be addressing the reported hazing incident which occurred within our neighborhood last week. 

Garfield's next steps will be to educate our faculty and students around self advocacy and decision making as it relates to the day to day stressors that adolescents are faced with in today's society. We will have open dialogues with our student body. We have great students here who still need our guidance, support and intervention. We will be providing opportunities for student voices as we learn from each other. We will be researching advisories and mentoring as a means of strengthening our community and neighborhood relationships. 

This will carry over to our feeder school programs as we educate our incoming students and parents. During our summer bridge program for our incoming freshmen we will adopt a self awareness program. 

We will also analyze how we will continue this program throughout the school year, as we prepare all of our students in developing these important life skills.  

In accordance with our Garfield Student Handbook policy, listed below are the school's rules and consequences regarding hazing. This handbook was distributed to all Garfield students in the start of school packet at the beginning of the school year. Please review these guidelines with your son/daughter. This will help you understand our mission to provide a positive and safe environment. 

 Harassment and hazing constitute exceptional misconduct and are in fact felony offenses. At Garfield, we expect your behavior to be respectful of self, others, and our environment at all times. 

Do not verbally or physically threaten, intimidate, or harass one another or our staff. This includes "initiation" and "froshing" (whether the student being hazed or initiated is compliant or not). 

Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to the following: dunking in the lake, face painting, baby powder, whipped cream, shaving cream, boxing, other forms of "initiation," humiliation, or abuse. 

Consequences include: No school activities for the remainder of the school year (e.g., no Purple and White Day Dance, no Senior Prom, no walking at Graduation), and Suspension or expulsion, and/or possible criminal charges. Additionally, if the hazing incident is part of an organized club or athletic team activity, there will be additional team or activity consequences for each member involved.


Anonymous said…
From Seattle School District spokeswoman Teresa Whipple this morning:

“We emergency expelled 11 students Friday. Sophomores, juniors and seniors were involved. Emergency expulsion means that students are not allowed to come to school while an investigation is being conducted. This usually lasts no longer than 10 days.

We are continuing to investigate and the results of the investigation will dictate the discipline. We are working on an individual-by-individual basis – not as a group – so if someone is cleared, we would get them back in school right away.

Those who are emergency expelled are banned from campus. They can’t participate in sports or other extracurricular activities.

Students are encouraged to do their class work at home, and to correspond with teachers.”

Thank you Step J.
Anonymous said…
With credit for the above quote and following link to


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