Last Day to Register to Vote

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Anonymous said…
Via King 5, the solution to overcrowded facilities in the Tahoma District. If they don't raise more money for more buildings, they may go to year round scheduling. (Yes, I am making note of this for SPS purposes.)

With Monday marking the voter registration deadline for the November general election, The Tahoma School District is making a final push to pass a proposed $195 million school bond measure.
School board members say without the new money for construction of additional space for students, they will move to start a year-round class schedule.
"It's a real possibility, not a threat," said Tim Adam, President of the Tahoma School Board.
Adam says the only way to alleviate overcrowding without more space is to start a new "track scheduling" system. Eventually, the elementary schools would move to a year-round school model with 45 days on and 15 days off. Junior and senior high schools would stagger their start times with some students starting early and some starting late.
The bond measure would fund construction of a new high school in Maple Valley. It would also be used to expand other facilities.
If approved, the bond would mean about $36 in new property taxes per month for the owner of a $300,000 home.


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