Pinehurst Hearing

I am very disappointed to have miss the Pinehurst public hearing last night.  

Did anyone attend and could you let us know what was said?


Josh Hayes said…
I was unable to attend, but I have a fair amount of second-hand info about how it went and what plans are, going forward. I'll wait to see if someone who WAS there can step up and talk about it.

Unknown said…
I was there. It was similar to the last few hearings except this time there were very few school board representatives there and they didnt respond to public comment. There were several people that made comments, and the community weighed in on sharing space with Thornton Creek and merging with Indian Heritage (both favorably). The turnout wasn't great. There will be a school board meeting next week on the 6th of November where people can comment (but you have to sign up ahead of time) and then the vote will be on the 20th of November.
Unknown said…
I was there, and was trying my best to capture an image and the essential message of each speaker. I posted images and comments on the Facebook Page for Save Pinehurst K-8,
I think there were more positive feedback comments from the community, along with the continued frustration at the district at the whole process of disregard for years of threats of closure. On the other hand Sharon Peaslee again, who was only one of two board members in attendance, offering her support along with Betty Patu (who was absent but with us in spirit)was a welcome sight. Make sure to see other comments and add new comments to our Facebook page,
search4chin said…
I too was there and felt disappointed that only two representatives from the district were present. General Counsel Mr. English and 'communications' guy, Mr. Redman.

The options of combining with Indian Heritage and co-housing with Thornton Creek were discussed and meetings with all involved are happening in the days to come before the school board meeting. It's obvious to me that the district is hellbent on closing the program and finding any way possible to say no to any options. I for one can't thank Sharon Peaslee and Betty Patu enough for the continued support.

If the options of TC and IH prove to be viable, the next step is to find interim placement. The district will of course put up as many roadblocks as they can, but hopefully we can gain more support in the coming weeks.

Alternative School #1 (aka Pinehurst K-8) parent
Anonymous said…
Why is North Queen Anne not being considered anymore?
Anonymous said…
Yes, why not North QA building? It has 8 classrooms; add some portables, and there would be enough space. Transportation for existing families would be a huge problem, but for the sake of a 40 year program, a move to a different region is better than outright closure.
-go Pinehurst
mirmac1 said…
Fast forward 2-3 years, how much breast-beating and lamentation will we hear about closing a (beloved) program? Deja vu all over again!

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