Seattle School Board Candidate Debate at Lawton

From Lawton PTA:

We want to invite you and your membership to attend a School Board candidate forum which will take place at Lawton Elementary on Thursday October 24 at 6:30pm

We invited both Suzanne Dale-Estey and Sue Peters to come and answer questions regarding their campaigns for school board in our region (District IV) and are happy to say both have accepted. 

I think this is great and applaud yet another forum for voters to heard the candidates speak.

That said, will we ever heard from the Blanford and Green in District V?  Even though it is clear that he will walk into office, it would seem important to hear from both of them.  Is Betty Patu not going to be questioned at all?  Even Michael De Bell, when he ran unopposed, was invited to all the forums and asked questions.  


Anonymous said…
Stephen Blanford and LaCrese Green were both at the Eastlake Community Candidate forum last Tuesday
(10/1), as were Sue Peters and Suzanne Dale Estey.

sandi kurtz
That's good to hear Sandi as I am having trouble keeping up the debates.

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