Seattle Schools Growth Boundaries Survey

From SPS Communications:

Seattle Public Schools is updating attendance area boundaries to accommodate enrollment growth and new construction. An initial draft of boundary changes was provided in September, offering families, staff and the community time to weigh in and give feedback.

After hosting five community meetings and receiving thousands of emails and suggestions, new recommended boundary changes are being proposed. These can be found at: For more information, including supporting documents, see the following:
·         October 16 Board Action Report
·         Attachment B: Reference Materials
·         Attachment C: Summary Information on Public Input

We are asking for new feedback on the recommendations via a survey at: Please take this survey by Oct. 21. Input through the survey will be included in the review. 

Next steps:

·         District seeks public input via a survey from Oct. 14-21.
·         School Board Work Session on the boundary proposal from 4:30-6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17 at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence.  (The public is invited to attend, but public testimony will not be taken.)
·         Revised recommendations will be sent to the Board for the Nov. 6 meeting
·         A School Board vote is scheduled for Nov. 20.
·         If approved by the School Board, implementation of some of the new elementary and middle school boundaries will begin for the 2014-15 school year, although many boundary changes cannot go into effect until Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) capital levy construction projects are completed.

For more information on the growth boundary project, please visit


Lynn said…
It's after 5:00 and the Intermediate Capacity Management Plan is not yet available. If they were still working on it today, someone is failing at their job.
Anonymous said…
I don't think you can call that a survey. It is a comment submission form.

Not very helpful but better than nothing.

Unknown said…
Do you have to take this survey for real estate? I just remember seeing it a lot with real estate. I feel like it would be good if you are selling land.

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