SW Growth Boundaries Open Thread

Let's hear your thoughts (I haven't read them yet.)


Anonymous said…
I like the changes that they did for the Fairmount Park Attendance Zone, although that finger-like projection all the way out to Delridge doesn't make a lot of sense and is heck of a commute for those kids.

Also the Geozone around K-5 STEM doesn't include the area right around Boren, but goes way up the hill to Highpoint.

It's like they don't realize that we're a hilly neighborhood are just looking at the flat map.

Anonymous said…
There are some good comments on the West Seattle Blog:


Charlie Mas said…
The District is using geo-zones exclusively for capacity management and not for the purpose described when they were created.
Anonymous said…
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reprinting for Anonymous (no anonymous comments):

There has been a lot of talk lately about the inequitable make-up of the FACMAC group. This is clear evidence why. The only people on FACMAC from the SW region are Schmitz Park parents. And guess what? The Schmitz Park boundaries basically got changed back to EXACTLY what they have always been- although it makes no sense because now that school is moving several blocks south. WHAT? So they were able to represent their community and have influence over who remains at that school- it's pretty clear that there was very little consideration to the geographic area west of California that is now supposed to go to Fairmont Park. Seriously? Most of us can SEE the new Genesee Hill site from our homes. Beach Drive kids are going to WALK UP and cross 2 main arterials to go to school? Most of this area was already switched once to go to Alki (also completely un-walkable.) The new boundaries finally made sense... walk the big kids to school, take the little ones to Ercolini Park on the way home. Because there has been no one to represent themselves from the Fairmont Park boundaries at the meetings, because we had no idea what they were going to be, and WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED that our neighborhood would be placed there. They can make this change with no challenge. Try to walk THIS area on the "walking tour". I was actually starting to think things were making sense from the district. Not so much!!
Unknown said…

My name is Carl Sweetland (Schmitz Park/Madison Parent; FACMAC member). Both Fiona Preedy (Schmitz Park/Washington Parent; FACMAC member) and I took 30+ hours to review and submit our thoughts on the boundary lines in West Seattle and to attend several of the regional meetings. Every inch of the boundary 1.0 lines were driven. During that process we called out arterials, topography, communities and so forth. Some of our suggestions may have been considered, and many definitely were not. When we did our review we had a louder voice advocating for the schools with little representation (West Seattle Elem; Denny feeder schools, etc). We too called out the problem with finger-like projection down to Delridge; we suggested that Beach Drive feed to Alki, not up the hill to Genesee; We thought that east of California should go to Fairmount & west of California (somewhere south of the junction) would feed south to Gatewood; and so on.

Being part of FACMAC give both Fiona and I a lens to better understand all the challenges around setting boundaries. The District truly is trying to keep communities together while balancing the enrollment (and projected enrollment) into the schools that the students are attending.

I’m truly sorry that you feel that we are not representing ALL of West Seattle. I should also clarify, my role on the committee is as a technical advisor, not a regional representative. I work for Bellevue School District and do similar work there. My focus is more on the data, models and suggestions on how to best present the challenges. All this being said, at the end of the day, FACMAC only gives advice/acting as a sounding board before the District brings there suggestions to the Board/Public.

Sincerely, Carl
Lynn said…
If we're going to end up with 800 extra elementary seats in West Seattle in 2017, why are we rebuilding Genessee Hill? Why not redraw boundaries more drastically, renovate Schmitz Park if necessary and put a much smaller population in it?
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know anything about the geozone for Pathfinder k8? (whether that still exists or not is unclear from the slides). We currently attend Pathfinder and are assuming our younger child will get in based on sibling preference in a year, but I know other families in our neighborhood who would like to know if that geozone preference will continue. Pathfinder is frankly the closest thing we have to a "neighborhood school" in North Delridge because of the closure of Cooper. I also don't get the finger-like projection that grabs kids from east of Delridge into FP either. Is that their way of reducing numbers from North Delridge going into Lafayette (albeit slightly)? If anything, that group should be pulled into the Stem School Geozone since it is right next to that school. It seems like no matter what happens, it will be painful for many families. I especially feel bad for those people who are getting jerked around yet again.

North Delridge Mom
Anonymous said…
Carl - Melissa was merely reposting an anonymous comment before it was deleted, as per the rules of the blog. Those are not her words.

CT is right, Carl. Those were not my words.

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