UW Event on Student Testing

Also next week on Tuesday, October 29th at Kane Hall on the UW campus at 7:00 pm- 9 pm Accountability at a Crossroads: Using Student Test Scores to Evaluate Teacher Effectiveness

A panel of leading educators at the forefront of testing and teacher evaluation will share their differing perspectives on the questions:
  • Is this a sound/effective policy? 
  • What is to be achieved, if anything, in holding teachers accountable for their students’ test scores? 
  • What tests should be used? 
  • What’s ultimately at risk for the students, the teachers, the community?
DR. JOE WILLHOFT – Executive Director, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium*
JUSTIN FOX-BAILEY – Teacher, Snohomish School District; Member, WEA Executive Committee
CHRIS KORSMO – Executive Director, League of Education Voters
MICHAELA MILLER – Director, State Policy and Outreach, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Moderator - Brian Jeffries, State Assessment Program Director at Data Recognition Corporation.  DRC is a contractor to OSPI to provide operations support for the MSP, HSPE and EOC assessments in science and math.

This event is sponsored by the Master's in Education Policy at the College of Education, UW.

*This is the group that Washington state belongs to in order to develop the Common Core Assessments (the other group is PARCC).  

I give a lot of pause in offering this up to you - I'm not sure what kind of love-fest for Common Core this might be but it could be interesting.  


Anonymous said…
Interesting? Perhaps if you can stand listening to Korsmo. She'll be whiny and sanctimonious and condescending all in the same sentence.

Just Asking said…
Is Chris Korsmo an expert in the field of testing and education. If so, what are her credentials?
Just Asking, no, Korsmo isn't an expert but apparently being the head of a education reform group gives you that cred.
Anonymous said…
And apparently being the main blogger on a watchdog website makes one an expert on Advanced Learning?

Pot calling kettle...
Anonymous said…
Pot - I'm missing the part where Melissa shows up as an expert speaker on a panel on Advanced Learning. Could you point that event out to me?

Stainless Steel
Pot, my children were in Spectrum (and qualified for APP). I became active BECAUSE of AL and research on gifted learning. Being on the AL Taskforce did NOT mean I was an "expert" - the district brought in real experts.

Find where I ever said I was an expert. I'll wait.
Unknown said…
Chris Korsmo has a bachelors degree in sociology and, according to her resume, taught social studies over nineteen years ago. (She also claims to have earned a double major in education, but that is not exactly true. She has neither a major nor a minor in education from Beloit College, but she may have taken some education classes.) She has coached kids sports. Apparently that background is good enough to make her an expert on student testing, at least for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And, apparently, also the University of Washington. It will probably be a very erudite event.
Anonymous said…
Mel, Did Chris call herself an expert or are you calling her an expert?

Friend of PcK
Lynn said…
The UW put her on a panel of "leading educators at the forefront of testing and teacher evaluation." It seems a bit of an exaggeration to call the members educators, let alone leading educators.
If you read the thread, I didn't call her ANYTHING. In fact, I didn't even mention her at all.

Do I think she knows public education? Yes. Do I think she's an expert on student testing or using student testing for teacher evaluations? No and neither am I.
Brian said…
Thank you for posting information on this event. I'm sorry you are taking heat for this, especially given your trepidation in even posting it. So, again, I thank you.

This event is free and open to the public. I would hope people who are interested do attend. There will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the panel.
NW mum said…
According to the district calendar (October page), MAP testing for grades 1-8 was supposed to happen between 9/23and 10/25.
Any guesses as to why my kindergartener was tested?
Anonymous said…
Holy Orwell Batman!! It makes sense that a completely disingenuous discredited flat earth creationism junk science, aka "value added measures", would get such a clever title for its little confab.

What I find interesting is - WHERE are the proffs at the U.W. College of Education ?? Isn't tenure supposed to insure you can be objective, instead of just looking like another flavor of craven lining up for your crumbs from BMGF?


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