Have a Great (and safe) Halloween

Sadly, no Halloween for me this year - going to be at a 3-hour class in the evening.  Hard to think about missing all those little faces (although I never get more than 25 kids in an evening).

Remember parents - do check that candy.  It's important to make sure there's nothing bad in there (like candy YOU really like).   Do your kids keep it forever or eat it all in one weekend? (My guys could nurse a bag for months).

Here's beautiful Halloween photo to send you and your kids out the door (from I Acknowledge That Beauty Exists)

Tetris pumpkin!

Pumpkin mania in NYC!


Catherine said…
my kiddo... in those days... had vintage halloween candy... years old candy... just not his thing.
Patrick said…
My little one, not so little now, loves trick or treating, eats a lot of candy the first few days, and then forgets the bag is there until I find it again months later and throw it out.
mirmac1 said…
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