How the Voting Going at Your House?

Last I read, King County Elections has only about 10% of the ballots back and, in an off year, may only get 30% back, so naturally, every vote counts. 

It counts even more for School Board elections as the number of people who actually vote for School Board candidates is even smaller than say, for Mayor. 

Proud to say, our household has cast four solid votes for Sue Peters in District IV.


NW mom said…
And you filled in your bubbles very well, too. :)
Christina said…
Although I mailed my husband's completed and signed ballot on Saturday, I'm guessing he voted the way last-minute voters tend to vote. The first question he asked me as he filled out his ballot was: "Sue Peters for School Board, right? Best to get the important races out of the way first."

So yeah, all the voters in our house voted for Sue Peters as well.
Leonard said…
Cliff Mass's blog post about Estey and her wealthy backers was very disturbing.

Mass also linked to a video of Estey telling an audience that she didn't know her top five contributors which included Steve and Connie Balmer, Jeff Raikes- CFO of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Matt Griffin and part sports team owner- Christopher Larson.

Voting Peters
Anonymous said…
There isn't any polling on this stuff is there? :)
We are voting Peters here too. I am hopeful that $$ won't talk in this election. Hopefully there's a chance.

NW Mom, ha! I trained my sons well.

Cal, the powers that be ALWAYS think they know the "way" to win School Board races and yet, I can name you any number of solid-citizen people who were ousted.

Anonymous said…
Voting went great. We all went for Estey, after much debate.

Thanks for asking!

-Voted early
Just Saying said…
We voted for a person, not a $100K PAC. Voted Peters.
Anonymous said…
I'll be sitting down with my ballot tomorrow, and making sure DH fills his out tomorrow night. Tonight I encouraged five friends to vote Peters, and tomorrow I will send them a follow-up email.

~Garfield Mom
Anonymous said…
I emailed everyone in my address book that can vote in this race and urged them to become informed and vote! I did strongly endorse Peters and stated my reasons why. Typically, I get very few responses to those types of emails, but almost half of those I emailed said they also voted for Peters OR are now not sure about voting for Estey. This is important - please do the same - share with your friends and family WHY you are voting for Peters! (or Estey, if that is what you choose). We need informed voters!

QA Parent
Anonymous said…
Voted for Peters the day my ballot arrived. Since then have advised many others to vote for Peters when asked my opinion on the more qualified candidate.


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