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Monday, Oct. 14th
As previously noted, 8 am today is the sign-up time for the Speakers list for the School Board meeting on Wednesday.  They are likely to take 25 speakers as I'm sure many parents will be calling in to get onto the list.

Curriculum & Instruction Committee meeting, 4-6 p.m.  Agenda.  This agenda has been drastically clipped since it was last viewed.   Gone is discussion of AP Computer Science and Policy 3130 (Student Assignment).  What is left is the Annual Approval of Schools, Math Adoption Progress Report, and Policy 2255, Alternative Learning Experience Schools OR Programs.  Hmm.

Tuesday, Oct. 15
Candidate forum at Center House at Seattle Center, put on by City Club.  Doors open at 5 p.m. and the Mayoral and School Board candidates are to be there.  

Wednesday, Oct. 16th
School Board meeting at 4:15 p.m.  Agenda   (partially noted below)
  • revised policy 2015 - Selection/Adoption of Instructional Materials.
  • Kind of sad, Acceptance of work performed under Public Works: Purchase/Move/Set-up Portable Classroom Modules at Multiple School Sites.  Total cost: nearly $1M from two capital sources for 25 classrooms at 10 schools (to note; this is not the total number of new portables.)
  • First Intro item; Growth Boundaries for Student Assignment
  • Second Intro item: Intermediate Capacity Management Plan to Support Implementation of Growth Boundaries and BEX IV - to be released sometime tomorrow.
  • Approval of Superintendent/Board Self-Evaluation instrument(s)
Thursday, October 17th
Road Map to College; college application event for seniors from 2:30-5:30 pm at West Seattle High School

Operations Committee Meeting, 4-6 pm. No agenda yet. (Note; this would seem to interfere with all the directors being at the Work Session for Growth Boundaries.  I'll have to check to see what the situation will be.
Work Session: Growth Boundaries from 4:30-6:00 pm. 

Saturday, October 19th
Community Meeting with Director DeBell, 9-11am at Caffe Appassionato by Fisherman's Terminal.
Community Meeting with Director Martin-Morris, 9:30-111:30 am at Diva Espresso at Lake City Way.


Anonymous said…
According to school board policy 1420, "...copies of the proposed agenda, minutes of the previous meeting and relevant supplementary information will be posted to the district's web page at least three (3) working days in advance of the meeting..."

How does a Monday afternoon posting of information (the detailed interim plan) fit with this policy? How is the public to sign up for comment on material not yet posted?

peeved parent
I just checked Peeved and that item, at the start of business on Monday, is not yet available. So you would be correct that it is not available "three working days in advance of the meeting."

Again, as Charlie says, the Board and staff seem to pick and choose when to enforce policy.
SPS Boycott said…
As SPS rev up for another year of docile face board members in front of the Community of Color, we are preparing for the end of October.

After October too many SPS teachers can no longer tolerate black children in the classrooms,
and the Black parents "no longer care about their child's education".

This year we will forecast SPS actions and reactions
and the White Seattle Community it represents.

• Soon the Special Education Referrals will begin;
• Soon the calls to the Principal offices of whining voice women begging for help because Imani, Nia, and Kwanzaa are out of control will start.
• Soon Mr. Bellamy will comment over his Starbuck latte how scare he is of aggressive black mothers.
• Soon request for the expulsion of dark skin 5 year old kindergarteners will begin.
• By December another year of abuse of black children in SPS will be in full court press and Board Meetings will be constructed how not to allow anyone for calling the abuse out.,

afterall a lot of white women get paid in Seattle if black children have deficits and fail.

Seattle the progressive city of the Northwest, believes in the ‘new civil rights’, know how to hug a tree, can keep a black dog from harm, but can’t find the humanity, equity to educate a Black Child!

November 1st starts a count down for the number of black, red and brown children thrown from their classrooms, forced out of schools, segregated in remedial classes, refused entry into the “Faux Advanced Placement” classes that outside the U.S. most 'high performance students' couldn't pass a math or literacy test.

We think the School Board should get their paperwork in order; perhaps this will be the year black parents may stop a racist institution from the child and youth abuse.
Perhaps this the year that our tax dollars are no longer spent to educate white kids at a black child’s expense?
Perhaps this is the year for ‘class action’ to shut the own education system down?
Perhaps this is the year that we understand that the back yards of Eastern Washington has no intellectual ability to educate black children?
Perhaps this the year that WE understand that white woman 'gate-keeping' Seattle has no desire for children of color to achieve above their own and that the self esteem of these women are aligned with some children losing.
Perhaps this is the year that we understand how the "denigrating southern black bourgeois class" in the Emerald City is paid to legitimize the discrimination of dark children and only in Seattle is an AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUM WHITE!

So this year to the SPS District Board, we have already forecast your actions and that they are designed only for those 'white actors' who can speak Standard English, have typical abilities, healthy incomes and not too much melanin; for you have done this for over 2 decade to the point that even your own children can't achieve the learning outcome. Have you reached to low, we think so.

And to the privilege of injustice stop believing your own lies. No one believes white children are smarter, or parents try harder, or your community actually deserve the better resources because if that was true why do you work so d*mn hard to keep the UNEVEN PLAYING FIELD.

Any cheat can win a game, but do he/she really become a winner?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said…
It looks like they will not be taking public testimony on the growth boundaries?
"Perhaps this the year that WE understand that white woman 'gate-keeping' Seattle has no desire for children of color to achieve above their own and that the self esteem of these women are aligned with some children losing."

Are you referring to district staff or Seattle women in general?

Matthew, sure they are, why would you say that?
Unknown said…
Sorry, I had gotten confused about the comment about no public testimony at the work session on thursday. There is public testimony as usual on Wednesday.

Sorry for inflicting my confusion on everyone :)
Anonymous said…
Still waiting for the Monday post of the interim plan...

Anonymous said…
Monday post of Board Agenda now posted:

Oct 16 Board Agenda
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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