Cedar Park Elementary Community Meetings

Are you looking for a lovely school for your kids to learn and grow?

Cedar Park Elementary is a new SPS option school opening this fall. Our Expeditionary Learning model uses big themes throughout the year to apply reading, writing and math to real world questions. All the academic rigour of Seattle Public School core curriculum paired with topical adventures that gets kids (and their adults) excited for learning.

Interested? Join us to tour our cozy school, meet our amazing principal and staff, and ask questions. Kids are welcome - they will love our park and playground. Interpreters and Seattle Public Schools enrollment staff will also be present.

Saturday, May 13 10:00 am
Wednesday May 17 6:00 pm

3224 37th Ave NE, Seattle

Come Grow With Us!


NNE Mom said…
Um, isn't open enrollment over? Who are they expecting to come grow with them?
Anonymous said…
Open enrollment goes until the end of May. Families can make a choice until then. That is a pretty recent change. Until last year, families could choose until the end of September.

- choices
Anonymous said…
You can enroll through May 31st, but tiebreakers like sibling, geozone, etc are used only during the February open enrollment period. After that, it's by lottery.

-North-end Mom
Anonymous said…
@North-end Mom...it isn't fair to call it a lottery when students are denied access if they come from an under enrolled school or even a grade band within a school that has low enrollment. In this case the District appears to tag various students as ineligible for their choice school because leaving would "hurt" their assignment school, unless there is a clean swap.

NNE Mom said…
I'm so confused. The Seattle Public Schools web page says, "Open Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year ended on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017." Then it says we can still turn in forms until May 31 but we're unlikely to get the school we request.

So, as of May 8th the wait lists for kindergarten show:
Broadview-Thompson 3
Cedar Park—can walk right in.
Hazel Wolf 88
John Rogers—can walk right in.
Licton Springs—can walk right in
Northgate 7
Olympic Hills 6
Olympic View 5
Sacajawea 4
Wedgwood 7

So, does that mean that between now and May 31, anyone can enroll their soon-to-be kindergartener into Cedar Park, John Rogers or Licton Springs? Seems like the Cedar Park could mention this stuff. Because the district makes it sound pretty unlikely that you could turn in a choice form now, almost three months after their open enrollment period ended and get into any school.

And if John Rogers is underenrolled, will families in that geozone not be allowed to choose Cedar Park?

This is very confusing.
Anonymous said…
@this is all very confusing...it is! I wonder, too...so if 10 HC qualified students at Hazelwolf decided they wanted to go to Cascadia (or Decatur) for first grade or second grade (there's room)... do 10 Cascadia students have to go to Hazel Wolf? Huh? Are John Rogers students denied a choice to go to area schools? This 1:1 rule needs the equity lens.

Scrutiny Plz
Anonymous said…
For an attendance area school, like John Rogers, the only kids who would be put on a waitlist are those who live outside of the school's attendance area. The school has to take anyone who lives within the attendance area. There are no enrollment caps. An attendance area school can be over-enrolled and not show a wait list.

Without actual enrollment data, it is difficult to make assumptions as to whether or not an attendance area school is under-enrolled.

-North-end Mom
Rachel said…
Do we know if any special education services will be offered at cedar park? Specifically- an access program?

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