Thank You, Teachers

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week(s), a video montage of tv and movie teachers in films that many of us enjoyed.

What is a wonderful thing is how many actors - both stage and screen - and singers, when accepting an award for their work, thank their music or drama teacher for believing in them all those years ago.  It says something about the power of teaching and the inspiration therein.

And sometimes it's not even the teachers you love but the ones who pushed you (even when you didn't want to be pushed).

I volunteer just a short amount of time each week in a classroom and I am in awe of the teacher I work with.  It is so tiring and worrying and stressful and yes, wonderful, to know and try to help these students.  And she does it every day, all day.

I want to thank my second grade teacher, Mrs. Gates, my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Springer, my sixth grade PE teacher, Mrs. Banky, my high school civics teacher, Mr. Huddleston, and my high school band teacher, Mr. Brendon.   Your work is not forgotten.

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