Dear Readers

Once again, blog business.

It's a funny thing because I get accused of "dishing it out but can't take it" or only favoring those who agree with me or some such nonsense.  Clearly, those people haven't read this blog long enough because, if you go back, Charlie and I allowed a lot of comments to stay that were absolutely in disagreement with us.  That said how misguided and wrong we were.   If you missed that, it's not our fault.

Will I argue my point or disagree with some readers? Of course, as do plenty of other readers.  But to think that everyone who reads this blog is in lockstep with me on every topic is absurd.  

It's a sad thing when a few people come here just to be a problem.   And now, one of those people is hijacking long-time readers' monikers.  Can you imagine?  You have nothing else to do in your day but come here and act in an infantile manner.

Also sad, are the few that think they are the smartest thing in shoe leather and want to make sure we all know it.  (Alas, when they comment anonymously, we can't attach a name to such greatness.)

They come here with an arrogant tone that doesn't lend itself to people wanting to listen to their viewpoint even if what they say might be valid.  (The stick up their ass doesn't help either.)

It's almost like this blog is doing something well in what/how we write to attract readers and offering a place to ask questions, air concerns and advocate for this district and public education.

But these few people just haven't been able to have any impact with their own blogs.  Or, they would never have the courage to write their own blog and sign their name to it.

(Note to those people; it takes years of tenacity.  Try that first.)

Again, the courage of your convictions.

And clearly, those people don't know how to read and post comments according to this blog's written policy. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I delete a comment because it did not follow blog guidelines.


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