Apparently, some of you do not understand what I mean by name-calling especially as it pertains to children.  A few of you seem to play dumb as if you just don't know what I saying.  So here goes.

I think most of you know I mean no using curse words to describe students.

And not unkind/derogatory descriptors:

snowflake, anchor baby, heathens, spawn, brats

or sarcasm like:

precious, special, angel, etc.

You can easily use:

child(ren), students, scholars, kids, adolescents, juveniles, youth, preteen

Non-judgmental words.   We all love our children and should consider that feeling when speaking of others' children.

It's fine to say that you think some parents overprotect, overvalue or push their child's interests before others.  That's your opinion.

You can say that you believe some parents' actions underprotect, undervalue or show a lack of concern for others' children in this district.  That's your opinion.

But I think it should be clear why we will not abide name-calling, especially of children.  It's unkind, mean, immature and, most of all, not what you would want someone to say about your child.  If you do that, then save it for your friends or family or people you gossip with.

Not here.

Words have meaning.

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