Sunday, May 21, 2017

Want to Hear From Some of the School Board Candidates?

Those folks at the 36th Dems* don't let any grass grow under their feet.  Here's the link to their interviews with candidates for many races.

For Seattle School Board they include:

District IV
Eden Mack
Jennifer Crow
Lisa Melenyzer*  (Link starts here but all interviews are available in listing to right)
Megan Locitelli Hyska
Darrell Toland

District V
Andre Helmstetter
Omar Vasquez
Candace Vaivadas
Zachery DeWolf

They are asked 4 basic questions first and then members of the Board ask questions on their own. 

I have not been thru all of them yet.  I can say the interviews so far are illuminating and give you the opportunity to see and hear the candidates. 

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