Give BIG is Here Again

This Wednesday, May 10th, is the Seattle Foundation's Annual Give BIG day. 
GiveBIG Seattle is a one-day online giving event to raise funds for nonprofit organizations serving Greater Seattle.
Their theme this year is "Now More Than Ever." #GiveBIG  Donor FAQs
GiveBIG is the third largest Giving Day in the country.  It is a community-wide event supported by significant media and corporate partnerships.  It is our region’s most well-recognized and visible crowd-funding platform, with more than 1,600 nonprofits estimated to be participating.
One very big difference this year is that there is no "stretch pool."  Previously, there had been a matching "stretch pool" for all the organizations, depending on the number of donations.  That has been eliminated and organizations are being encourage to seek matching funds.  I think you would have to check with the orgs you wish to donate to and see if they did get a matching fund.

What is new?
Dollars for Change is a new donor-driven effort that will award more than $350,000 to participating King County nonprofits. Using a computer-generated selection process, donors will be chosen to have their contribution to an organization generously boosted with a $2,500 award. These Dollars for Change awards will be made to King County-based organizations across Seattle Foundation's Healthy Community framework and across budget size. Dollars for Change will benefit nonprofits of all sizes, but will place a greater emphasis on small- and mid-sized organizations. This structure aims to bring greater equity in the distribution of additional dollars. 
The participating organizations will be selected based on several criteria, including that they work within one of the eight elements of our Healthy Community Framework: basic needs, economic opportunity, health and wellness, education, environment, arts and culture, vibrant communities and global giving. Learn more about our Healthy Community Framework
Note that wording in bold as only King County nonprofits are eligible for the Dollars for Change.

Also, you can schedule your donation now if your week is a busy one.
Yes, donors will have the ability to make an online donation starting on April 27. To schedule a donation, a donor needs to create a simple account on The donor will receive a confirmation email receipt upon submitting the form. The donation will not be processed until May 10. 


I note there are about 15 schools and school-based orgs under Education that represent Seattle Public Schools.
Anonymous said…
Nathan Hale Foundation and Nathan Hale All Sports Boosters are two of them. I was surprised about the All Sports Boosters being there.

Anonymous said…
Without the stretch pool, isn't it better to write a check directly to the organization? Or are they not deducting fees?
As my article states, there is now a Stretch for Dollars for orgs in King County. That might make it worth it for smaller groups.
Anonymous said…
It has turned into a big PR stunt for The Seattle Foundation. If you have a few orgs you love, give generously at a time that works for you. Other than the big community "we did this together" vibe, there is no significant benefit to participating in GiveBig.

Give Anytime
Some offs are getting matching funds for this day; one of my favorite's is, so check.

I have to wonder about pushback for a day of charity.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry you felt it as pushback. I've given in the past and called the organizations directly asking whether it was worth it, and they all said yes because of the stretch pool. So it was not clear to me whether handing them a check directly or through the foundation was best. It's kind of like figuring out whether giving to my school pens and pencils is better than giving money to the Alliance.


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