Today Is the School Board Meeting (Also Canadian PM Here)

From KING-5:
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in Western Washington Wednesday and Thursday to take part in the Microsoft CEO Summit.

The prime minister's office said Trudeau will be at Microsoft's Redmond campus to promote the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, encourage investment in the Canadian technology sector, and draw global talent to Canada.
It's unclear if the public will see Trudeau but between going to Microsoft and then downtown to see the Governor Thursday morning, traffic is likely to be tied up.

I have a query into SPS about any bus schedule changes.

Agenda for Board Meeting.

The speaker list is full with twelve people on the waitlist.  Most of the comments seem to be about Career Technical Education Programs budget cuts.  Most of the waitlist is on that topic as well as waitlists.

Of interest on the agenda is the introduction of the grants from the City to support the two-tier bus schedule as well as crossing guards.  I sent the Board an e-mail this morning and asked them this:
Just a query - if the City does act quickly on the grant to support a two-tier bus schedule (like before June), would the Board call a special meeting to vote yes to the grant (rather than wait two weeks for the next Board meeting)?  This is an issue of deep concern to my readers.
Also this week, the Board's Operations Committee will have a meeting tomorrow.  Here's that agenda.
I saw several items of note and here's what I wrote to the Board:
On Lincoln:
I have learned that the district leases the parking area that is attached to Lincoln.  And, that the district wants to continue that lease even though the non-profit using it is using some of the parking spots as storage. 

It seems odd that the district would not want to support the people who work in the building AND be thoughtful to the neighborhood that Lincoln resides in.  The money from the parking really can't be enough to off-set those needs.  And, what about special events at Lincoln?  All the parking is to be in the neighborhood with none set-aside for Lincoln?

Good questions to ask as the Superintendent has the ruling from the hearing examiner and yet has not acted on it.
On BAR for Maple Elementary:

 Also, I see on the Operations Committee agenda for Thursday's meeting this notation on the BAR for Maple Elementary.  (And I'll note that the district's own list of BEX IV projects doesn't include Maple.)
This Board Action would transfer $350,000 in funding from BEX IV Capacity Flexibility fund to create a project budget to support the Maple Elementary Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) project funded by the State Legislature.
Additional funding is required to cover unanticipated construction cost and to furnish the added classrooms to meet district standards and specifications. These costs include, but are not limited to, permits, utility infrastructure, playground relocation, curriculum, technology, furniture, fixtures and equipment.
What's the BEX IV Capacity Flexibility fund and how much is in there?  I have heard of a Contingency Fund but not this one.

I'm sorry but how are ANY of those things be "unanticipated"?  If that's true, then perhaps there needs to be a review of who is doing this work.  What I think it really means is that someone wanted to do something additional and had to make up a reason for the money.  
I also call foul on this statement.
If the motion is denied, the Maple Elementary CLT project will not be completed.
It there was money for this project and it just won't be completed as staff wants it to be.  Not that it won't be completed per the original budget.

I cannot understand allowing staff to make these kinds of statements and letting it go.
On the Commissioning of Hazel Wolf:

On the Commissioning of Hazel Wolf - I hope you read the report by EEI.  It points out that the vendor for the HVAC (Siemens)
"...the slowness of Siemens had consumed much of the Cx budget checking and rechecking work that was complete"
The lighting vendor was also slow and, in fact, the technician knew they were trying to do the commissioning and yet flew back to California.

And, about the general contractor:
There was no effort by the general contractor or the mechanical contractor to develop a mechanical start up schedule. The mechanical start up schedule is the foundation for the commissioning schedule. It was documented in several meetings that the lack of a mechanical start up schedule would compromise the commissioning program. At the request of the school district, EEl developed a commissioning schedule including start up of mechanical systems. The schedule was discussed in regular commissioning meetings, but ultimately proved fruitless because the construction team disregarded it.
Further, the general contractor was not able to manage the mechanical and electrical subcontractors to meet their commissioning contractual obligations. That has resulted in under performance of the mechanical and electrical systems.
I would ask that you urge staff to make sure that if ANY of these vendors are used again, that these kinds of issues are brought up during contract negotiations and it is made clear that the district can't have these kinds of delays.


Anonymous said…
Have the rules on Board speaking slots changed over the years? Did they not at one time try to allow speakers on as many topics as possible, so multiple speakers on a single topic wouldn't crowd out other concerns? It seems many of the waitlisted speakers want to address the waitlists, while the topic of CTE cuts has 7 some speakers, with more on the waitlist. There are also several speakers on "equity" including equity in AL policy and "AP/IB/STEM Segregation Issues."

No, the rules are that speakers that are speaking to Action/Intro items will be given preference. Most of the speakers are not speaking to those items so I assume the Board office then gave the speaking positions to whoever called/wrote in first.

Neither the CTE cuts nor waitlists are on the agenda.
Anonymous said…
Why do people believe speaking at board meetings will changes things? I guess the same reason people think the school board is there for the students.

Anonymous said…
Any discussion on waitlist?
Wouldn't the superintendent, or one of the deputy superintendents do the aligning of all the high school changes? If alignment of the changes are not organized and timely then it is a direct reflection on Nyland's performance.


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