Seattle Public Schools Scholarship Fund Awards Ceremony

Wanted to give a big shout-out to these seniors and their benefactors; from SPS Communications (partial):

The community is invited to attend the Seattle Public Schools Scholarship Fund Awards Ceremony on May 11 at 7 p.m. in the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence Auditorium. 

At the awards event, 26 graduating seniors from each high school will be recognized for their personal tenacity, contribution to their community, and academic accomplishments.
2017 Recipients

Najib Ali, Franklin High School Maria Aleman, Nathan Hale High School Jesse Appel, Ballard High School Lukas Bowen, Roosevelt High School Rochelle Bowyer, Center School Demari Briggs, Ingraham High School Isis Brown, South Lake High School Marco Castro, West Seattle High School Christa Contreras, Ballard High School Omar Hassan, Cleveland High School Reginald King, Garfield High School TreSean Levias, Rainier Beach High School Thuy Luu, Cleveland High School Sabastian Manion, Nova High School Taliah Mekuria, Middle College High School Steve Mendiola, Chief Sealth High School Abdurahman Mohamed, Nathan Hale High School Sagal Mohamed, Chief Sealth High School TaCeana Montgomery, Garfield High School Nirae Petty, Rainier Beach High School Chen Peng, Roosevelt High School Reymar Salazar, Interagency Johana Rivas, Seattle World School Luis Talavera, Ingraham High School Tasia Warnokowski-Caldwell, West Seattle High School T'Keyah Williams, Franklin High School 

Each year since 1974, the Seattle Schools Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to graduating seniors of Seattle Public Schools and in recognition of students who have overcome significant life challenges to achieve their dreams. 

The scholarships are in the amount of $2,000 and are awarded to students each year for tuition expenses at any college or university or vocational training of the student's choice.

The scholarship is funded largely from an annual contribution from the Seattle School Retirees Association, as well as generous donations from community members. 

The 2017 ceremony will honor former Franklin High School teacher and longtime fund trustee Phil Konkel who passed away last year. His passion and tireless efforts dedicated to the success of the students of Seattle and the Scholarship Fund will be greatly missed. His legacy lives on through a generous bequest to the Fund of nearly $200,000.


It is always great to know that students are being awarded for their efforts to achieve success. Seattle is very lucky because they will see that goals can be achieved no matter what the circumstances are. So many talented students will be participating in the ceremony and even more of young learners will take an example of what can be done when you have a goal. If I had a chance to read my essay online I would say how happy I am to see that so many students are coming to the ceremony to inspire the other ones.

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