Tuesday, September 03, 2013

STEM K-5 Gets Boost from Delridge Neighborhood Group

The West Seattle Blog is reporting that  Superintendent Bandahas received a letter of support from the North Delridge Neighborhood Council supporting the K-5 STEM program staying at Boren.

Co-chairs Parie Hines and Kirsten Smith write, in part:

Delridge as a neighborhood has felt the negative effects of having the Boren school used as a transitional and temporary school for many long years. It has been a pleasure to see the students, parents, and staff of the STEM school begin to “take ownership” of the building.

They urge the Superintendent to reconsider moving the program and note that the building is large enough to support a K-8.

Again, we should have this discussion about creating K-8s but it is good for the Superintendent to hear from the community on these issues.

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Kathleen V. said...

Bravo to the Delridge Neighborhood for bringing to the district's attention how schools are vital to the community and vice versa. A STEM K-8 at Boren sounds like a fantastic idea!