For (Hopefully) the Last Time - No Name Calling

I feel like a teacher with some 5th graders.

What part of "no name-calling allowed at this blog" is not understood?

That means no name-calling of:
- administrators
- teachers
- staff
- students
- schools

If you had a bad experience with a teacher or school, you are welcome to tell us about it but you cannot label a person or place with an unsavory name.

You can certainly say  - as I have - that I believe someone's work is unsatisfactory or even incompetent.  That labels the work, the outcome and not the person or place.

I do not understand why I have to say this over and over (and then delete comments based on acting against this policy).  We're all adults and I know you know what name-calling looks like.

Please, do not do this.  We are a community forum for discussion (even if it gets heated) and we want it to remain open and civil.

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