Walk the Boundaries - Here's How

There was no press release on this from SPS so I checked and here's what's at the Growth Boundaries website on Walk the Boundaries (bold/color mine):

"Community Input — Walk the Boundaries
As part of the process, community members are invited to "Walk the Boundaries" and record their observations between September 18 and October 1, 2013. This provides a public, feet-on-the-ground review of the proposed boundaries. Partipants will drive or walk the attendance elementary school boundaries and provide feedback to the Growth Boundaries team.

Your Participation
For this project, please look for geographic barriers or local features that separate a specific area from the rest of the attendance area.

IMPORTANT: These are not walk zone boundaries. You are being asked to review the proposed attendance area boundaries for the school. (The City of Seattle School Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, which includes the district's risk manager, establishes approved walk zones and recommended walking routes.)

Instructions (Download these instructions)

  1. Download the map for the school attendance area(s) you will review. Each map has a grid to use as a reference point when you submit your observations and suggestions.
  2. Drive or walk the boundary shown on the map. Look for portions of a school’s proposed boundary that have geographic barriers or local features that separate a specific area from the rest of the attendance area. (For example, we are recommending that the elementary boundaries in Southeast Seattle be modified so that the light rail is a dividing line.)
  3. Mark any issues on your map and note the reason, OR note that there are no issues.
  4. Enter your results in the online survey. Please complete the survey one time for EACH school attendance area boundary you review.
You may want to suggest boundary changes for other reasons. Please email those suggestions, and any questions or comments to GrowthBoundaries@seattleschools.org

Thank you for your participation. We appreciate having the community’s eyes on this work, and believe it will result in a better outcome."

Please let us know if you do this project in any area and your observations.


jaosnsmskth said…
and more importantly, your personal experienceMindfully using our emotions as data about our inner state and knowing when it’s better to de-escalate by taking a time out are great tools. Appreciate you reading and sharing your story, since I can certainly relate and I think others can too

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