Alliance/City Club School Board Debate

As I previously mentioned, there is a School Board debate this Thursday, the 26th, put on by City Club and the so-called Our Schools Coalition.  Somehow I received two different e-mails with different information so here's the correct info:

It's at the Vera Project at Seattle Center.  Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and there's an awards program and then the debate follows at 6 p.m.  It is free. 

The debate is to be moderated and lead by high school students and one college student.  This is great. 

When I asked the Communications person at  City Club whether the students had formulated their own questions and was told, absolutely.  

But when I told her I had an e-mail saying they have been coached/schooled by a staff member of the Alliance for Education, she backpedaled. 

When I asked about the coaching, I was told it was just to explain to the students about "governance" and how the School Board works.  I said that an e-mail from Sara Morris, the head of the Alliance, Morris says the students will use the "8 Characteristics of Effective School Boards" to "inform" the questions. (This is a topic I have previously written about.) 

I noted to the City Club Communications person that the Board itself hasn't signed off on these and that these characteristics, in fact, don't necessarily correlate to the state statute.  She had no comment.

If you are attending, you might take these questions with a big grain of salt.  Of course, young people being the free spirits that they are, I suspect some will go off-topic (and good for them).  

To note, the so-called Our Schools Coalition is funded by the Gates Foundation.

This is the same night as the Diane Ravitch appearance at Kane Hall at UW at 7 p.m.  It's a tough choice but her new book is really direct, fact-based and great.  There will be other debates. 


I wrote a blog about the Seattle School Board race that some of you might find of interest:

...cliff mass
Richard said…
Wow. I just read Cliff Mass's blog and saw the video of Estey telling the 37th Dems that she didn't know her top contributors, which include Steve Ballmer, CFO of Microsoft- Jeff Raikes, Matt Griffin, Christopher Larson and other individuals of enormous wealth.

Here is what Estey's response:

"S. Dale Estey: You know, honestly, perhaps I should know that, but I don’t. I’ve received over 400 contributions, many, in fact the last time I checked and ran the numbers, I haven’t run them recently, I have more contributors below $50 than my opponent has in her entire (inaudible). A senior citizen handed me $7 in cash the other day. I value each and every contribution. But no, I can’t name my top contributors. I could probably take a guess. My parents signed up right away. I have quite a few people who are absolutely fed up with the status quo of the school district and I’m very proud to have all of their support."

Seattle Public Schools needs a director that is honest and transparent.
She also won't disavow the tactics that some of her wealthier contributors are using. Expect to see another flyer distorting Peters' record or maybe even a commercial.

It is really turning into a race of money/power versus regular people/endorsements. (Peters has racked up far more group endorsements than Dale Estey.)

mirmac1 said…
Too bad the SEA is MIA, thanks to Jonathan Knapp's "unavailability"

Teachers, fill the vacuum in your leadership, vote to endorse the school board candidate who is not purchased by Ballmer, Griffin etc - Sue Peters
Anonymous said…
While the Alliance tries to shape the Fine Young Minds of SPS high school students, it's apparently also back to using NCTQ to accomplish its backroom dealings in shaping the district.

Witness the newest Lynne Varner column in the Seattle Times in which NCTQ critiques the new teacher's contract.

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