Kid falls through skylight at Eckstein

All I know about this is what I read in the paper. But I am curious. What were kids doing on the roof at Eckstein? How could one of them be so foolish as to fall through a skylight?


Anonymous said… answer your questions...The kid is 13. Therefore, he is developmentally programmed to look at dumb ideas and think those ideas are pure genius. Basically the perceived awesomeness of an action moves in an inverse relationship to the level of adult/reasonable person disapproval of the action.
Anonymous said…
Rachel nails it. I'm still in awe that my son is still alive after the stupid stuff he pulled at 13-14. One thing did involve him being up on our roof. To this day I don't know how he got there.

mirmac1 said…
Now he can sue the school district.
I recall a couple of years back some Eckstein boys broke into the school, looked around and took some small stuff. They were seemingly unaware that the school had a silent burglar alarm and were surprised to be met by the police.

They're 13 year old boys. That would explain it.
Anonymous said…
I was just told by my daughter, who graduated from Eckstein 4 years ago that "everyone climbs up on the roof there". :-) And that she "only did it once".
Yup - 13-year-old minds are not the best for avoiding dangerous situations.
Mom of 2
Anonymous said…
Y'all are scaring me! My oldest is 10. Bracing for the future! :-)
Anonymous said…
I heard they were doing Parkour and that he was attempting to jump over the skylight. He didn't quite make it and fell through it instead. How they got up on the roof is another story.

Unknown said…
Hello yes its the boy that fell through the roof,the reason as to y i was up there us because there was a rumor that there was a swimming pool up there and so i ask my to best friends to come with me up there because at the time they where into parkour and free running so i can up with this idea that we would explore and maybe take some clips of us doing several flips and maneuvers..
Unknown said…
Thanx to the guys that didnt leave me to die that day.

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